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Connect all your data, then use to make better decisions and improve your performance.
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Sync data from 100+ software tools
Sync custom data from a Cloud-Based app with API access
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Use MySQL queries to pull data from your database
Track custom metrics from Google Sheets or Excel
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Sorry, we do not yet have a 1-click integration for "".

But don't go yet. Here's a few options:

  1. Request an integration. We build the most popular requests first.
  2. Get your data into a Google Sheet or a SQL Database.
    Then, connect the spreadsheet or database to Databox.
  3. Push your data in via our API.
  4. Push your data in via our Zapier integration.

Read about all your options here.

Data integration step 1: Select template

Select template Start right away with 1-click templates.

Data integration step 2: Connect your data sources

Connect Hook up multiple data sources.

Data integration step 3: 100% customizable reports

Personalize 100% customizable reports.

Data integration step 4: Access your KPIs everywhere from Mobile, on Big screen, on Apple Watch, in Slack

Access View all your KPIs everywhere.

Databox Developers: Connect and visualize your own data with REST API and SDKs (Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, GO, Python)

Connect your own data

It’s easy and fast to push your own data to Databox. With our simple REST API and SDKs, just pick your favorite language (Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, GO, or Python) and you’ll be able to connect any data source in minutes. Really.

Learn more or visit Databox for Developers to get started.

Databox for developers

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