Your KPIs, front and center

Key business metrics at your fingertips.

On your phone. Beautifully designed mobile apps make staying in the loop a breeze.

On your wrist. Never miss a beat with our Apple Watch app.

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Databox on Android, iPhone and Apple Watch
Databox Datawall

Make sure your team knows what’s important.

Get everyone focused on the metrics that matter. In your office, in the hall, or in meetings.

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Databox integrations

All of your data.
In one place.

Choose from dozens of pre-built integrations or use our API and SDKs to easily aggregate data from all of your data sources.

Set up in minutes.

Hook up your data

Connect. Hook up multiple data sources.

Customize your reports

Customize. Select key metrics from each.

Your KPIs everywhere

Access. View all your KPIs everywhere.

Create beautiful reports. No coding required.

With the Databox Designer it’s easy to build personalized reports for web or mobile in just minutes.

Powerful, yet simple. Our drag and drop editor makes it easy to pull together exactly the information you need.

Make it yours. Customize your views by adding metrics or changing visualizations at any time.

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Databox Designer
Databox <3 Slack

Spice up your Slack communication with data that matters.

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Seamless data access, wherever you are.

These great companies are paying attention to what matters with Databox