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Visualize your performance and spot trends faster, uncover new insights, make better decisions, and share your performance with anyone.

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Create custom dashboards
in minutes, without code

Different visualizations

See trends and opportunities more clearly

Find the perfect visualization to help viewers understand performance more clearly, and spot insights they couldn't see before.

Customizable branding

Customize your dashboards to match your branding

Add your own colors, logo, and background images, or white label your dashboards if you're sharing them with clients.

AI Powered summary

Get concise summaries of your performance

Our AI-powered summaries provide viewers more context on how performance has changed over time, along with ideas to improve.

Multiple period comparison

Compare current performance to multiple previous periods

Look back at multiple previous time periods, so you can do deeper analysis.

Mobile app

Check your dashboards anytime, anywhere

View how your team is performing anywhere, with our mobile app.

Stream to TV

Project your dashboard to a TV

Share dashboards on TV screens to continuously display real-time performance, or present to your team or clients.

"Databox is easy to use and allows us to use templates or create our own completely custom dashboards to track KPIs from many sources. It's a great way for our team to get an overview of marketing performance and identify trends quickly.”

Eva Zelca

Eva Zelca

CMO at AccuRanker

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Create powerful dashboards, without code

Just drag and drop the metrics you want to visualize, then toggle between visualizations or compare performance to other timelines in a few clicks.
Designer screen
  • Drag & drop your metrics

  • No-code editor

  • Fully customizable

Start Building Dashboards

Other Features

  • Dashboard Loops

    Use looped databoards to group 2 or more dashboards together. For example, loop your SEO, ads, and brand dashboards to better report your overall marketing performance.

  • Enhanced Security

    Protect your data with Force SSO, Two-Factor Authentication, Advanced Password Protection, and more.

  • Scheduled Snapshots

    Share performance updates automatically, by sending a snapshot image of any dashboard via email or Slack.

  • Annotations

    Add short text notes to specific dates to provide important context. Explain spikes or dips, or share when an event occurred that altered performance.

  • Customizable Permissions

    Keep dashboards private, or make them visible to selected users, or let anyone access them if you need to share them publicly.

Create your first dashboard in 1 click

Start with one of our popular dashboard templates and customize it to your needs.
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Use your dashboards with other tools in our platform

Frequently asked questions

Can I start free?

Yes! Our free dashboarding tool lets you build 3 dashboards, visualizing up to 3 data sources side by side.

How can I share my dashboard?

In Databox, you have multiple sharing options. 

  1. Shareable Link: Dashboards can easily be shared and accessed through a link. It will display your dashboard(s) with the same date range options and visualizations you have set in your account. Shareable Links are best for sharing live data with your teams, executives, or clients. 
  2. Scheduled Snapshots: You can export your dashboards into PDFs or JPGs at regular time intervals. Scheduled Snapshots are best for sharing static views of your data (regularly) with the relevant recipients. The best part is that recipients don’t need to be Databox users.
  3. Embeds: You can embed your dashboards on web pages or tools like ClickUp/Notion. Embeds allow you to incorporate your insights directly into your existing workflow. 
  4. Stream To TV: With Databox, you can easily stream your dashboard on a Smart TV. This option is valuable for sharing insights in office settings, team meetings, or presentations. 

Are dashboards interactive?

Yes, dashboards in Databox are interactive. Here are a few ways you can engage with the data: 

  1. Hovering over data points to view specific values. 
  2. Adjusting date ranges for individual visualizations.
  3. Updating visualizations with a single click. 
  4. Choosing which lines (metrics, trend, goals) to view on charts.

Can I create dashboards combining data from different sources?


In fact, we recommend doing this to get a comprehensive view of performance. Inside the dashboard builder, you can swap through different data sources you’ve connected and pull whatever metrics you need right into your dashboard. Here’s how you can create a dashboard using data from multiple data sources.

Can I change the logo and customize my dashboard?

Yes, you can change the colors of your dashboards and charts. And customize the logo on your dashboards to reflect your brand. Even better, you can provide create a fully branded experience with the white-label add-on. Personalize the login screen, URL, mobile app, and much more.

Can I combine multiple dashboards?

Yes! Dashboard Loops allows you to group multiple dashboards together to tell a more comprehensive story with your data. They’ll be joined together on one Shareable link that you can then share with your team and/or clients. You can add up to 20 dashboards to a loop.

How many dashboards can I create?

Our free plan comes with 3 dashboards and 3 data sources. Paid plans offer an unlimited number of dashboards. Learn more about plans and packaging here.

Can I view my dashboards on my phone?

Yes, using our Databox mobile app for iOS and Android. And, you can receive your daily scorecards, weekly summaries, and performance alerts directly to your mobile phone.