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Empower your teams to monitor the metrics and KPIs they need, all in one place.

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Visualize your company’s most important metrics in one place

    Performance screen

    View the Metrics, Goals, Databoards, and Reports that matter most to you.

    Get a summary of 10 metrics or goals you select, recently viewed dashboards or reports, and trending metrics, each time you log in.

    Predefined metrics screen

    Search thousands of pre-built metrics to track what you need

    Search and find the metrics you need from 100+ integrations, then connect your account to start tracking them.

    Metric builder screen

    Create custom metrics for select data sources

    Build custom metrics like “Bounce Rate By Landing Page” or "Became a Lead”, by adding Dimensions, Segments, Filters, and more.

    Data calculation screen

    Track KPIs that require data from multiple sources

    Combine metrics from data sources in an equation to create a new calculated metric, like Conversion Rates, ROI, ROAS, and more.

    AI Powered insights screen

    Answer, "How are we doing?" in seconds

    Get a summary of your performance generated automatically by AI, so you always know how you're progressing.

    Custom integrations screen

    Connect a custom API integration to Databox

    Use our wizard to build Custom Metrics via API faster and easier, or do it manually.


Find all your metrics in one place

Build dashboards faster by choosing from thousands of pre-built metrics and visualization types
Metric Library screen
  • View metric definitions & examples

  • Connect each metric in seconds

  • Invite a teammate to connect

Start Tracking Metrics

Other Features

  • Scorecards

    Get daily, weekly, or monthly updates on 15 metrics

  • Metric Digest

    Receive detailed weekly performance updates for your most important metrics

  • Alerts

    Proactively monitor your data and get notified of any emerging trends

Get more out of your metric & KPI tool

Use your metrics with other tools in our platform

Powerful or and accessible

We took the best tools normally found in complicated enterprise analytics platforms, and made them accessible and easy to use for growing businesses.

Why Choose Databox

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Frequently asked questions

What are Basic Metrics in Databox?

Basic Metrics refer to the metrics that are available by default in Databox. They’re ready-to-use and require no additional setup. You can use Basic Metrics to quickly access and report on data from different Data Sources.

Can I create calculations using data from different sources?


With the Data Calculations tool, you can combine data from multiple Data Sources into custom equations. The metrics created using this tool are known as Calculated Metrics in Databox. For example, you can leverage Data Calculations to create metrics like conversion rates, Return On Investment (ROI), Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), and more.

Is there a way to filter or segment my data?

Yes, depending on the Data Source. 

With the Metric Builder tool, you have the ability to add dimensions, segments, and advanced filters to your data. The metrics created using this tool are known as Custom Metrics in Databox. Popular use cases include creating campaign-specific metrics, reporting on HubSpot Smart Lists, tracking custom conversions, and more. 

Currently, the Metric Builder is available for 32 native integrations.

Where can I find a description/definition for each metric?

You can find a list of all our metrics, as well as their definitions, troubleshooting guides and help articles, in the Metric Library.

How can I use the Performance Screen?

The Performance Screen allows you to easily monitor and access the metrics, Goals, Dashboards, and Reports that matter most to you.

As soon as you log in to Databox, you can quickly see how your top metrics and goals are performing, easily access your dashboards and reports, and gain instant insights into your top-performing and underperforming metrics.

The Performance Screen is personalized for each user, tailored to the individual’s preferences and priorities.

Can I include metrics from multiple sources in a Scorecard?

Yes. Our KPI tool lets you include up to 15 metrics on a single Scorecard. If you wanted, each metric could be from a different data source.