Predict future performance to plan better now

Forecast the performance of any metric next month, quarter, or year and make more accurate plans today.

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Plan more confidently for the future


    Let any team forecast any metric

    Sales can forecast Closed-Won Deals next month, while marketing forecasts website traffic next quarter.


    Set more accurate goals

    Our predictive analytics software lets you see what future performance is likely to be to set more accurate, realistic goals.


    Look forward one month, one year, or more

    Pick a forecasting period This Month, This Year, or any custom range between 1 to 24 months.


    See the best and worst-case scenarios

    Use upper forecasts to set ambitious goals, and lower forecasts to plan ahead for uncertainties.

"Databox is easy to use and allows us to use templates or create our own completely custom dashboards to track KPIs from many sources. It's a great way for our team to get an overview of marketing performance and identify trends quickly.”

Eva Zelca

Eva Zelca

CMO at AccuRanker

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Get more out of your forecast tool

Use your forecast with other tools in our platform

Powerful or and accessible

We took the best tools normally found in complicated enterprise analytics platforms, and made them accessible and easy to use for growing businesses

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Frequently asked questions

Aside from historical data, what does the Forecasts feature take into account to create accurate predictions?

Our predictive analytics tool leverages the Facebook prophets model. lt determines forecasts by analyzing historical data, seasonality, and machine learning models. You can learn more about our Forecasting Software here.

How much historical data do I need to create a forecast?

To create a Metric Forecast, you need a minimum of 12 months of historical data.

Can I customize my Forecast?

Yes. There are a few ways you can customize your Forecasts:

  • Forecasting period: You pick from This Month, This Year, or any custom range between 1 to 24 months. 
  • Historical data: You can define the amount of historical data you want to show in your graph. You need to include at least 2 months of data. 
  • Graph settings: You can choose how you want the data graphs (by day, week, or month). 

Can I add Forecasts to my dashboards or reports?

We’ll be adding the ability to view a Forecast line and stand-alone visualization in the near future.

Can I save my Forecasts?

Not yet. We plan to introduce the ability to save favorited Forecats in the future.