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Hire us to automate your reporting with live dashboards, scorecards and alerts, so you can predictably improve your company’s performance.

Get started quickly with our onboarding or implementation services. Help your whole company improve performance over time with ongoing assistance from our team or a qualified partner.


Onboarding Services

With our free product, 100+ 1-click integrations, free email and chat support and free business analytics course, we’re obsessed with making the Databox setup process as simple and self-service as possible.

But, if you’d like to automate performance reporting now and ensure you are leveraging data to maximize your performance in the future, consider our onboarding services.

Build a Databoard For You

Not exactly sure which metrics you should be tracking? Or, maybe you know what you want to track, but you're still learning how to use Databox?

We will build one custom databoard for you at no charge, based on the metrics you need to track and analyze. Then, we’ll tell you how we did it, so you can do your next one.

To get your free databoard setup, start a chat.


Guided Onboarding

You can do it. We will help. We’ll guide you one-on-one as you pull your data into Databox, build out your dashboards, set goals, set up automated reports and scorecards and roll out Databox to your key stakeholders.

What’s included?

Included with Databox’s Guided Onboarding Service:

  • Connect your tools and data sources to Databox using our 100+ integrations
  • Create live, custom dashboards that visualize your key performance metrics
  • Set goals and define views to monitor the performance of your teams & initiatives
  • Automate reports and alerts so everyone has access all the time.

Includes 6 calls of one-on-one support, as well as priority email and chat support for 3 months.

Available for up to 20 customers per month at $500.

Available for $500

Custom Implementation Services

Let’s build something together. Outsource all or parts of your setup to our team. Whether you need us to build a custom integration to pull your data into Databox, build dashboards to analyze company-wide performance, schedule email scorecards or help you calculate goals, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our custom implementation services below or book a call to get a custom quote.

  • Custom Integrations

    If there’s a way to pull data out of the system you’re using, we can get it into Databox. With our Custom Integration services, a Databox expert will work with your team to get your data into a Google Sheet, SQL database or directly into Databox via third-party integrations like Zapier, Integromat or by building a native integration just for you.

    Fill out the questionnaire below to share more information on your custom integration needs. We'll be in touch with next steps.

  • Custom Metrics & Dashboard Creation

    Have a report you need to automate? Have a vision for how you’d like to monitor the performance of your teams or initiatives? Hire us to bring it to life.

    Book a call to get a quote.

  • Data Source-Specific Custom Services

    As a result of our deep integrations with several leading software products, we can quickly identify your needs and design an optimal implementation of Databox for the following data sources:

    Sales Management with HubSpot CRM

    Are you looking to make sense of all of your sales inputs and grow sales in a more predictable manner? During your Sales Activity engagement, your Databox expert will help you transition to a world where you can:

    • Track your sales team’s activity on a daily basis.
    • Forecast future sales results.
    • Monitor and compare the performance of your salespeople.
    • Track multiple pipelines by deal stages.
    • Understand conversion rates through your entire sales funnel.
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

    Is your team investing time, resources, and money into content creation? Our team of Databox experts will help you understand how content is influencing performance, the channels that perform best, which content is converting best, and more.

    Your Databox expert will help you:

    • Customize your Google Analytics account with the appropriate goal actions in order to accurately track content attribution.
    • Understand the specific channels and content that are driving traffic and conversions, so you can further promote the content that is working and make adjustments to the content that isn’t.
    Content & Conversion Analysis with Google Analytics

    Want to get more sophisticated in your ability to see which keywords are driving traffic to your website and the pages that rank for those keywords?

    Your Databox expert will help you:

    • Understand which keywords are driving traffic to your website.
    • Identify the pages that rank for valuable keywords.
    • Identify pages that need improvement in order to get more search traffic.

Ongoing Assistance to Maximize Your Performance

Getting your first dashboards setup is just the beginning. Purchase priority support to ensure our team prioritizes your requests, our outsourced analyst package to have a dedicated person proactively helping you improve your company’s performance, or let us find you a Databox-certified partner who can provide you consulting and services to take your business to the next level.

  • Review a Databoard for You

    Have you built a databoard and you’re just not sure if you’ve set it up in the best way possible? Have a nagging feeling that there’s a better way to visualize certain metrics or that you missing an opportunity to analyze your data more effectively?

    Submit your Databoard to us and we'll run it through our 15-point checklist to make sure your Databoard is the best it can be.

  • Priority Support

    Ensure that our team answers your questions and resolves your issues as quickly as possible. Priority support gets your questions and cases to the top of our chat and email support queues.

    Book a call to learn more about priority support or buy now for $100/month.

  • Outsourced Analyst

    Agency Partners can outsource client performance management and analysis to us. With our Outsourced Analyst Service, we’ll help you develop a cadence for reviewing the performance of your client work and your team’s performance, and doing deeper-dive analysis to identify areas of improvement.

    Starting at $1,000/mo for 12 hours of service per month. Book a call to request our outsourced analyst service.

  • Hire a Partner

    Work with us to identify the right Databox-certified partner to help you take your performance to the next level. With 1,000s of service providers trained to use Databox, we’re in a unique position to connect you with a provider who can help you improve your performance.

    Book a call to get matched.