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Driven by a mission

As the number of software tools we use to run our businesses continues to grow, we’re generating more and more data in more and more places.

At Databox, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in a company to monitor, analyze, and improve performance in one spot on any device.

Numbers that make us proud

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70M+ metrics
20K+ businesses using Databox
100+ data
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Our mission

Building the best product on the market

More than 20K clients use Databox on a daily basis to help grow their business faster.

20K+ businesses and marketing agencies use Databox to track and improve performance.

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Thousands of Digital Marketing Agencies are tracking performance with Databox.

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Meet Databox Playmakers

The people that stand behind our product

A mission like ours requires outstanding talent and teamwork, which is why we care who we work with and the culture we are building together. We lead with transparency and aim to empower every Playmaker in our team to do the best work of their career by investing in their personal and professional development.

Uros Majeric Tech Lead / Architect
Pete Caputa CEO
Mateja Verlic Bruncic Director of Engineering
Domen Kirn Krefl Backend Engineer
Sandra Zorec Technical Support and Services specialist
Diana Radjabaeva Support specialist
Jan Tovornik Data Engineer
Tamara Omerovic Content Editorial Manager
Boris Ovcjak Software Architect
Carolina Zibert Customer Support Specialist
Ilyas Khan Customer Support Specialist
Jure Gorinsek Team Lead / Data Platfom
Nikola Dimitrijevic Customer Support Specialist
Masa Sajko Brand & Culture Manager
Luka Klun Senior Backend Engineer
Milos Vukotic Customer Support Specialist
Irving Anglon Customer Support Specialist
Aleksej Milosevic Product Scientist
Ales Kotnik Customer Support Specialist
Tadeu Soares Customer Support Specialist
Shafaq Zaidi Communication Specialist
Ebosetale Inegbenose Customer Support Specialist
Harsh Shah Shah SEO Specialist in Marketing
Larry Ascona Customer Support Specialist
Andraz Leitgeb Senior Backend Engineer
Jakob Kostrevc Data Scientist
Andrej Zitnik Director of Product
Gasper Vidovic Director of Product
Boris Sagadin Sysadmin and Devops
Rebeka Trop Operations Manager
Slavko Rihtaric Backend Engineer
Spela Mlekuz Content Marketing Coordinator
David Kostanjevec Backend Engineer
Luka Reisman Data Engineer
Ziga Potocnik Product Manager
Pavle Jordanovski Support specialist
Alen Snajder Backend Engineer
Dragan Gajic Customer Support Specialist
Petra Jocic Customer Support Specialist
Spela Juric Copywriter
Marcel Koren Backend Engineer
Jelena Ljubomirovic Customer Support Specialist
Aleks Duh UI/UX Designer
Aljaz Godec Head of People & Culture
Mitja Krajnc Engineering Manager
Nicole Castillo Customer Onboarding Specialist
Andrej Smigoc Project Manager
Hajdi Klincharska Senior Frontend Engineer
Jani Kajzovar Senior Backend Engineer
Vlada Petrovic CTO, data platform
Davorin Gabrovec Founder & CPO
Tomi Brumen Technical Support and Services specialist
Tadej Kelc Data Analyst
Nikos Ntirlis Support specialist
Alen Mernik Technical Support and Services specialist
Denis Hallai Technical Sales Consultant
Jan Strelec Data Engineer
Nevena Rudan Marketing Research Analyst
Maya Romic Operations Analyst
Gino Battestin Customer Support Specialist
Cesar Mendez Customer Support Specialist
Fedor Simic Customer Support Specialist
Aljaz Ramot Project Manager
Milica Novak Customer Support Specialist
Erik Horvat Frontend Engineer
Ali Dara SK Technical Sales Consultant
Miha Pavlinek Head of Data Science
Tadej Korosak Frontend Engineer
Simon Ocvirk Senior Backend Engineer
Vitor Silva de Oliveira Business Development Representative
Emil Korpar Technical Support and Services specialist
Zoran Kelenc Connectors Engineer
Marija Hladni Content Conversion Specialist
Aljaz Mislovic Tech Lead for Data Platform
Kenneth Won Technical Sales Consultant
Jure Znidarec FE Engineer
Mihael Kegl Quality Assurance Engineer
Isidora Radisic Support specialist
Andrej Bacic Technical Sales Consultant
Martijn van Mierlo Customer Support
Ervin Redjepagikj Customer Support Specialist
Dragana Djilas Customer Support Specialist
Simon Petovar Frontend Engineer
Ayub Kinyua Customer Support Specialist
Anthony Nwankwo Customer Support Specialist
Bosko Boskovic Website Developer
Miro (Miroslav) Malek Senior Backend Engineer
Promise Ewiwile Customer Support Specialist
Saso Majcen Customer Onboarding Specialist
Roberta Santos Customer Support Specialist
Benjamin Ash Technical Sales Consultant
Robert Fiser Project Manager
Katja Tic Data Scientist
Tory Sher Operations Manager, Customer Success
Inga Brunava Lead FE Engineer
Tadej Rola Backend Team Lead
Billy MacDonald Director of Sales
Mohsin Khan Customer Support
Uros Trstenjak Tech Lead for Data Integrations
Tanja Blagojevic Customer Support
Vladimir Petrovic Technical Sales Consultant
Tadej Volgemut Backend Engineer
Jelena Andric Customer Support Specialist
Nikola Lucic Customer Support Specialist
Bojan Kovacec Senior Backend Engineer
Marco Mendoza Customer Support Specialist
Gregor Pirs Data Scientist
Zorana Smith Manager Trainee
Monise Milanese Branca Customer Support Specialist
Tijana Milasevic Customer Support Specialist
Urska Horvat Talent Acquisition Specialist
Tjasa Cavnik Customer Support Specialist
Martin Vidoevski Customer Onboarding Specialist
Ajrun Sethu Customer Success Manager
Jeremiah Rizzo Content and Community Manager
Tadej Ciglic QA Engineer
Klemen Drev Senior Backend Engineer
Branko Djukic Senior DevOps Engineer
Peter Pogladic Senior DevOps Engineer
Katja Pozeb Product Manager
Gasper Savs Product Manager

Up-close with our Playmakers

Emil Korpar
Boris Ovcjak
Inga Brunava

The values that guide us

Our secret for team success is finding individuals that share the same values and also bring their own unique traits to the table. Then we're a perfect match.

Play as a Team

“We lean on each other - for information, perspectives, and the knowledge gained from experience. That is where the magic happens. By leaning on each other, we'll be able to do things tomorrow that we were unable to do yesterday."

- Alen

Challenge Yourself

“The motivation should not be “I want to get to X” but rather “HOW can I get to X”. This mindset allows you to expand your knowledge and skillset in the right way and potentially open up new opportunities.”

- Emil

Be Accountable

“For me, the most important value is accountability: taking responsibility for your work and actions and respecting your colleagues' involvement and time.”

- Inga

Prioritize Customer Impact

“I like the versatility of Databox very much. But what I like and appreciate the most is the Gold Standard help and support I always received from helpful, understanding and friendly support team members.”

- Databox user

Show Gratitude

“Having great people on the team who share the same passion for product, teamwork, and growth is the energy that fuels me every day and makes me love my job.”

- Mateja

Balance Work with Life

“It’s extremely important to have a great work-life balance, which for me means having relaxing forget-all-about-work weekends and still being excited and full of energy when commuting to the office on a Monday morning.”

- Gregor

Join us

Grow your career at Databox

We are always looking for extraordinary people to join our team and help us achieve our mission of making business analytics easy for everyone.

Think you’d be a good fit at Databox? Check out our open positions.

Talent Resource Center

Get to know us better. Learn more about our work, culture and values and what we look for in the future Databox Playmakers.


Investing in the future generation of Playmakers

Finding and investing in new talent is high on our priority list, which is why we put our focus on offering quality engineering internships and collaborations with universities.

We hope to give students a taste of solving real technical challenges and learning from experienced engineers in an environment with distributed systems and scalability opportunities affecting millions of users around the globe.

Learn about opportunities for students and graduates

"As a mentor, it is my goal to condition our interns into approaching solutions with an analytical mindset."

  • Tadej Rola

"It is important to have good mentors that help you face all the challenges."

  • Mario Močnik
  • Mario Močnik JUNIOR PLAYMAKER 2021
Our investors

Backed by Top VC Firms

Databox investors have invested in companies such as Uber, Airtable, Drift, and hundreds of other amazing companies.

Databox Investors: Founder Collective
Databox Investors: Accomplice
Databox Investors: TechStars

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