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Marketing Agencies: Is Client Reporting Kicking Your Ass?

How one agency greatly improved the client reporting process

Client Relations Brian MoseleyBrian Moseley   |  Apr 24

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Harvard Business Review Reveals Facebook Likes Are Not as Useful as You Think

Page and post “likes” may not lead to any actual real-world behavior. Learn how they can.

  |  Apr 19

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7 Successful Instagram Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Instagram isn’t just for travel bloggers, models and consumer brands. Here’s how some business-to-business (B2B) companies are building brand on it.

  |  Apr 17

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The HubSpot Analytics Dashboards You’ve Always Wanted

Mobile-Friendly, Desktop and TV Reports to View Your HubSpot Marketing and CRM Data.

Integrations   |  Apr 15

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The Secret Formula to a Metric-Busting Blog Article

How to write a high-performing blog post that actually achieves your marketing goals.

Analytics   |  Apr 14

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Hard-Earned Facebook Ad ROI Secrets Revealed [Hacks, Process, Checklist, Dashboards, Metrics]

A Ridiculously Thorough Guide for Maximizing Facebook Advertising ROI

Marketing   |  Apr 13

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6 Companies Getting Amazing ROI from Their Unique Email Marketing Strategies

How companies like Drift, Death to Stock Photo, The Clymb, HomeAdvisor, The New York Times and Crowe Horwath are using segmentation, personalization and first-person voice to increase opens, clicks and sales from email marketing.

Marketing   |  Apr 12

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12 Confusing Google Analytics Terms That Marketers Need to Know

Use these powerful Google Analytics features to find your best sources of traffic and conversions.

Analytics   |  Apr 10

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11 Marketing KPI Reports that Compare Your Numbers To Industry-Specific Benchmarks

Prove that your marketing goes above and beyond your competitors with industry-specific comparisons

Marketing   |  Apr 7

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A Beginner’s Guide to Historical Blog Post Optimization

How HubSpot, IMPACT Branding and others have generated more leads by updating existing blog content.

Marketing   |  Apr 6

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How Content Curation Can Help You Quickly Build A Big, Loyal Email List

You don’t need to create a lot of original content to build a big following

Marketing   |  Apr 5

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The Most Popular Marketing Offers from 10 High-Performing Agencies

We asked agencies to share their most effective marketing offers & landing pages.

Marketing   |  Mar 30

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How HubSpot Customers Can Adjust Marketing Plans in Real Time to Beat Sales Targets

How to use an easy monitoring tool to ensure you hit your objectives every month

Analytics   |  Mar 29

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The Human Brain Can’t Decode Your Marketing KPI Spreadsheet

Your marketing KPI spreadsheet is baffling your clients instead of demonstrating how hard you worked to produce stellar results. Here’s why.

Thoughts   |  Mar 28

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16 Tips for Increasing Your Sales Team’s Activity

How to motivate, inspire, compel and cajole your sales team into talking to more prospects.

Thoughts   |  Mar 22

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6 Simple Steps for Turning Facebook Fans into Customers

How to easily start taking advantage of the largest network on earth.

Marketing   |  Mar 16

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How to Achieve Your Dreams
Using Data And Your Gut

Shape your company’s vision using data, not just your instincts.

Thoughts   |  Mar 15

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Are Your Mobile Website Visitors
Finding What They Want?

Measuring and monitoring the health of your mobile vs desktop website traffic.

Marketing   |  Mar 13

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5 Marketing Agency Reporting Mistakes that Sabotage Client Relationships

Too much or too little data too. Manual processes. Inconsistent reporting & bad formatting. Ugh!

Marketing   |  Mar 1

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After My Client’s Shopify Store Failed on Cyber-Monday, I Did This…

How to use alerts and dashboards to avoid disasters and grow store revenue.

Analytics   |  Feb 28

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The Busy Executive’s Guide to Full Sales & Marketing Funnel Reporting

How to build reports that give you full insight into your entire sales & marketing funnel.

Analytics   |  Feb 15

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A Simpler Way for HubSpot Customers to Track Email Marketing Results

How HubSpot users can monitor the performance and impact of their email marketing at a glance.

Marketing   |  Feb 15

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How to Better Track and Improve Results from Your Linkedin Company Page

Increase follower count, engagement and target your demographics with your posts.

Marketing   |  Feb 14

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4 Simple Steps to Making More Informed, Data-Driven Decisions in Your Small Business

How to make better decisions using easily accessible data you probably didn’t even realize you had.

Analytics   |  Feb 7

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How to Visualize Any Data from Anywhere

How to pull data from SaaS software, enterprise apps behind a firewall and SQL databases onto every device you own.

Integrations   |  Feb 3

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9 Quick Steps to Set Up A Totally Free CRM That Magically Syncs with Your Inbox

Setup HubSpot’s free CRM and Databox’s free reporting tool to organize your sales efforts.

Management   |  Jan 31

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Visualize Data from 100s of Apps in 3 Easy Steps with Our Enhanced Integration with Zapier

With Databox and Zapier, the world is your oyster.

Integrations   |  Jan 19

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Databox: A Look Back at 2016

… and even more excited for the year to come.

Thoughts   |  Dec 29 2016

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Access your Metrics on Desktop

Introducing a New Enhanced Datawall View for your Desktop

Product and Design   |  Dec 8 2016

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Goal Setting, now in Databox

Set Time-bound, Numeric Goals and Track Progress Automatically

Product and Design   |  Dec 1 2016

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Why Every Business Should Use HubSpot’s New Free Marketing Software

Capture more leads and track their behavior on your site with HubSpot Marketing Free

Marketing   |  Nov 14 2016

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7 Ways to Set Smarter Company Growth Goals

How to Leverage data, iteration, benchmarks and experts to set measurable goals

Management   |  Nov 3 2016

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18 Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Track

The Marketing, Sales & Services Metrics to Monitor in Your SaaS KPI Dashboard

Analytics   |  Oct 24 2016

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10 Databox features you probably didn’t know about

A list of hidden gems in Databox that will help you understand how your business performs day-to-day.

Product and Design   |  Oct 20 2016

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PostgreSQL Data with Databox in a Few Easy Steps

Your SQL query results right on your mobile, big screen or PC

Integrations   |  Oct 11 2016

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Connect your AWS Redshift Database to Databox

Your SQL query results right on your mobile, big screen or PC

Integrations   |  Sep 27 2016

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Visualize Your MySQL Data with Databox

Your SQL query results right on your mobile, big screen or PC

Integrations   |  Sep 13 2016

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5 Must Track Metrics for Your Google Play app

Your brand new app is finally published on the Google Play store. Way to go!

Integrations   |  Aug 24 2016

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Analytics for Everyone

Empower More Employees To Make Better, Faster Decisions.

Analytics   |  Aug 19 2016

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Convert your Google Sheets into a live Mobile Dashboard

And have it on your phone, Apple Watch or even office big screen.

Integrations   |  Aug 19 2016

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Android app redesign with bottom navigation

Product and Design   |  Jul 7 2016

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Wear KPIs on your wrist

Introducing Databox for Apple Watch

Mobile app   |  Jun 27 2016

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The Datawall

A new approach for your office Dashboard

Product and Design   |  Jun 7 2016

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Databox now integrates with Zapier

Connect to hundreds of apps and services and send data right into Databox

Product and Design   |  May 23 2016

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Introducing Databox for Slack

Product and Design   |  Apr 11 2016

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Be Careful What You Measure

Analytics   |  Mar 11 2016

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Stop overcomplicating SEO

Marketing   |  Mar 2 2016

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Databox for Developers

Product and Design   |  Feb 25 2016

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“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

The Importance of Measurement and KPIs

Analytics   |  Feb 17 2016

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Why You Need to (Measurably) Define Success

Lessons from Dating

Analytics   |  Feb 8 2016