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The Busy Executive’s Guide to Full Sales & Marketing Funnel Reporting

How to build reports that give you full insight into your entire sales & marketing funnel.

Analytics Stephen Barone   |  Feb 15

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A Simpler Way for HubSpot Customers to Track Email Marketing Results

How HubSpot users can monitor the performance and impact of their email marketing at a glance.

Marketing   |  Feb 15

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How to Better Track and Improve Results from Your Linkedin Company Page

Increase follower count, engagement and target your demographics with your posts.

Marketing   |  Feb 14

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4 Simple Steps to Making More Informed, Data-Driven Decisions in Your Small Business

How to make better decisions using easily accessible data you probably didn’t even realize you had.

Analytics   |  Feb 7

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How to Visualize Any Data from Anywhere

How to pull data from SaaS software, enterprise apps behind a firewall and SQL databases onto every device you own.

Integrations   |  Feb 3

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9 Quick Steps to Set Up A Totally Free CRM That Magically Syncs with Your Inbox

Setup HubSpot’s free CRM and Databox’s free reporting tool to organize your sales efforts.

Management   |  Jan 31

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Visualize Data from 100s of Apps in 3 Easy Steps with Our Enhanced Integration with Zapier

With Databox and Zapier, the world is your oyster.

Integrations   |  Jan 19

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Databox: A Look Back at 2016

… and even more excited for the year to come.

Thoughts   |  Dec 29 2016

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Access your Metrics on Desktop

Introducing a New Enhanced Datawall View for your Desktop

Product and Design   |  Dec 8 2016

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Goal Setting, now in Databox

Set Time-bound, Numeric Goals and Track Progress Automatically

Product and Design   |  Dec 1 2016

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Why Every Business Should Use HubSpot’s New Free Marketing Software

Capture more leads and track their behavior on your site with HubSpot Marketing Free

Marketing   |  Nov 14 2016

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7 Ways to Set Smarter Company Growth Goals

How to Leverage data, iteration, benchmarks and experts to set measurable goals

Management   |  Nov 3 2016

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18 Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Track

The Marketing, Sales & Services Metrics to Monitor in Your SaaS KPI Dashboard

Analytics   |  Oct 24 2016

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10 Databox features you probably didn’t know about

A list of hidden gems in Databox that will help you understand how your business performs day-to-day.

Product and Design   |  Oct 20 2016

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PostgreSQL Data with Databox in a Few Easy Steps

Your SQL query results right on your mobile, big screen or PC

Integrations   |  Oct 11 2016

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The HubSpot Analytics Dashboard You’ve Always Wanted

Mobile-Friendly And Free Too

Integrations   |  Oct 7 2016

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Connect your AWS Redshift Database to Databox

Your SQL query results right on your mobile, big screen or PC

Integrations   |  Sep 27 2016

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Visualize Your MySQL Data with Databox

Your SQL query results right on your mobile, big screen or PC

Integrations   |  Sep 13 2016

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5 Must Track Metrics for Your Google Play app

Your brand new app is finally published on the Google Play store. Way to go!

Integrations   |  Aug 24 2016

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Analytics for Everyone

Empower More Employees To Make Better, Faster Decisions.

Analytics   |  Aug 19 2016

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Convert your Google Sheets into a live Mobile Dashboard

And have it on your phone, Apple Watch or even office big screen.

Integrations   |  Aug 19 2016

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Android app redesign with bottom navigation

Product and Design   |  Jul 7 2016

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Wear KPIs on your wrist

Introducing Databox for Apple Watch

Mobile app   |  Jun 27 2016

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The Datawall

A new approach for your office Dashboard

Product and Design   |  Jun 7 2016

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Databox now integrates with Zapier

Connect to hundreds of apps and services and send data right into Databox

Product and Design   |  May 23 2016

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Introducing Databox for Slack

Product and Design   |  Apr 11 2016

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Be Careful What You Measure

Analytics   |  Mar 11 2016

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Stop overcomplicating SEO

Marketing   |  Mar 2 2016

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Databox for Developers

Product and Design   |  Feb 25 2016

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“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

The Importance of Measurement and KPIs

Analytics   |  Feb 17 2016

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Why You Need to (Measurably) Define Success

Lessons from Dating

Analytics   |  Feb 8 2016

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Surviving the Digital Divide

Analytics   |  Feb 5 2016

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Growth Hacking

Stop making excuses for bad SaaS marketing

Marketing   |  Jan 27 2016

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Is data-driven really better?

Management   |  Dec 21 2015

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One more step toward true badass-ery

Product and Design   |  Dec 17 2015

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What the *%&?! did that mean?

Why presentation matters in leadership

Management   |  Dec 10 2015

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Brand as Differentiation

How to rock that sh!t

Marketing   |  Dec 10 2015

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I think I’m awesome

And here’s why

Marketing   |  Nov 30 2015

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5 tried-and-true tips for better holiday marketing

The eCommerce marketing tactics that make a difference

Marketing   |  Nov 20 2015

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Introducing Databox Early Access

We’re giving growth marketers a sneak peek at the new Databox

Product and Design   |  Nov 13 2015

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5 reasons you’re not using marketing automation

And how to get past them

Marketing   |  Nov 9 2015

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Are we there yet?

The sad state of the MBTA

Uncategorized   |  Nov 5 2015

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You only want me for my data

Analytics   |  Oct 27 2015

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4 tips to be a better manager

Management   |  Aug 5 2015