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Nevena Rudan Marketing Research Analyst at Databox. Being an experienced Strategic and Creative Planner, with more than 15 years of practice, Nevena is passionately dedicated to untying the knots and entanglements of marketing, sales, and human behavior in order to deliver understandable, useful, and actionable insights for businesses.

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50+ Social Media Statistics That Will Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

Power up your next campaign and stay ahead of your competitors with these thought-provoking social media statistics.

Nevena Rudan Marketing Nevena RudanNevena Rudan   |  Aug 26

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20 Customer Service Statistics to Help You Deliver a 5-Star Experience

These stats show that customer support can make or break your business. Use them to help your customer service team improve their results.

Nevena Rudan Analytics   |  Aug 2

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Content Marketing

30 Content Marketing Statistics to Power Up Your Strategy in 2022

Want to stay on top of the latest content marketing trends? Here are the 30 most relevant content marketing statistics you should know.

Nevena Rudan Content Marketing   |  Jun 30

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42 SEO Statistics Marketing Experts Should Be Aware of to Boost Rankings in 2022

Mapping out your SEO strategy? Here are the 42 most relevant SEO statistics you should know to ensure great rankings in 2022.

Nevena Rudan Analytics   |  May 30

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24 Facebook Ads Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2022

We surveyed hundreds of companies and experts globally to discover what’s driving the top advertising trends on Facebook. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Nevena Rudan Analytics   |  Apr 13

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Research Report

The 2022 State of Facebook Ads Performance

We surveyed 320 companies globally to discover the most important trends related to advertising on Facebook including placements, targeting, creative, and much more.

Nevena Rudan Research Report   |  Mar 14