Why Databox

Learn what sets us apart from other analytics platforms

You have a problem

You want to centralize all your company’s data so you can always know how you’re doing, make better decisions, and ultimately improve your company’s performance.

To do that, you could use

Manual tracking

This is simple, but takes hours to copy and paste data and screenshots, is prone to errors, and isn’t accessible to your entire team.

Visualization tools

These are easy to use but don’t offer the more powerful features you need to analyze and improve your performance.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Tools

These are great for centralizing data, but require other tools and more effort to visualize and analyze your performance.

A niche platform

These are tailored for your specific team or function but sometimes make it harder need to track your entire company’s performance (including teams like Accounting, CS, and Product).

An analytics platform

These let you centralize, analyze, and share your entire company’s performance from 1 place, but usually have a steep price and learning curve reserved for larger companies.

The best solution?

A powerful, but easy-to-use analytics platform, that lets you centralize, analyze, and improve your entire company’s performance in 1 place. Accessible enough that anyone on your team can set it up and use it. Flexible enough that every team can use it, from Marketing to Sales and Product. Powerful enough to help you use your data to make better decisions, plan better, and answer important questions.

If you agree, you’ll love Databox


Get the features of powerful BI tools, in an easy-to-use package


Manage your entire company’s performance from one tool


Don’t just track performance, improve it


Tailor Databox to each team’s unique needs

A few things that set us apart

  • Ease of use


    Any team member can track, share, and analyze their performance without knowing SQL or data science

    Ever-growing Platform

    Make better decisions, set better goals, and create better plans, all with 1 platform.

  • Reporting

    Stream to TV, Mobile, and Watch App

    View performance on the go, or wherever you are


    Get proactive updates on how you’re performing, without having to log in


    Rest easier knowing if something trends up or down, you’ll get alerted

    Data Stories

    Add context to your reports and presentations, automatically

  • Analysis

    Beautiful & Flexible Visualizations

    Make it easier for your team or clients to understand their performance, and see important insights

    Fixed-View Dashboards

    Avoid analysis paralysis, and focus your team on the most important numbers

    Compare Multiple Periods

    See how your goals, KPIs, and metrics compare to a number of previous periods for better analysis

    AI-Generated Performance Summaries

    Spend less time analyzing your performance, and more time improving it

    Live Preview of Custom & Calculated Metrics

    Build custom metrics more easily and ensure they’re displaying correctly before adding them to your account

Track and improve the health of your entire company, in one place.

  • Always know how you’re doing

  • Improve team, client, & investor relationships

  • Make better decisions, informed by data

  • Get a framework for data-informed performance improvement