Culture and Values

Play as a Team
We embrace diverse perspectives and our collective knowledge to devise the best solutions. We set goals, play to win, and celebrate achievements as a team.
Challenge Yourself
We always look forward to learning and doing new things, even when it’s uncomfortable or difficult. We proactively look for ways to get more things done while producing the best results possible.
Be Accountable
We work hard each day to keep commitments to our team and our customers. Each of us always strives to deliver quality work on-time, as our accountability impacts everyone else’s.
Prioritize Customer Impact
The impact we have on our customers and partners drives our decisions and actions. We derive our happiness from their success.
Show Gratitude
We spread positivity by practicing humility, being thankful, and recognizing each other’s contributions. We pay it forward by providing feedback and helping our teammates when they’re stuck.
Balance Work with Life
We take work seriously but don’t lose ourselves in it. We devote a healthy balance of time and attention to family, friends, personal development, and our work.
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Open positions

Full-Time Ptuj, Slovenia
Full time Ptuj, Slovenia
Engineering Backend
Full time Ptuj, Slovenia
Full-Time Ptuj, Slovenia
Full time Ptuj, Slovenia
Engineering Integrations
Full time Ptuj, Slovenia
Engineering Backend
Full time Ptuj, Slovenia
Internship Ptuj, Slovenia
Technical Support
Full-Time Ptuj, Slovenia
Full-Time Ptuj, Slovenia

Life at Databox

Life at Databox


Competitive Compensation
We value our employees' work and offer competitive salaries and a clear career path.

Career Path
Every team member has a personal development plan that defines what they need to do and learn to earn their next promotion.

Flexible Work
We offer flexibility in work location and schedules with remote positions and co-working locations available.

Generous Time Off
We provide 4-6 weeks of paid time off to help our team achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Paid Parental Leave
We’re all family here and offer generous maternal and paternal time-off for new parents.

Latest Technology
From Slack and Asana to Ember and Intercom, we adopt the latest technology to become more productive, collaborative, and innovative.

Team Building Events
We enjoy doing things together. Whether it’s sailing, hiking, skiing, or virtual coffee socials, we host team-building events regularly.

Equipment Budget
Every team member gets a budget for a laptop and computer accessories, so they can choose the equipment they want and need. Plus, we’ll buy books as fast as you can read them.

Gym Membership
We encourage our employees to take care of their health by providing paid gym memberships and free healthy snacks in our office. We even host company-wide 50k running challenges.

Our hiring process

1/ Apply

Find a position that matches your experience and interests. Apply by submitting your CV/resume, along with a cover letter describing why you would like to join our team.

Initial Call
2/ Initial Call
Initial Call

If we think you’re a good fit, our human resources manager will reach out to schedule a brief call to ensure the role makes sense for you.

3/ Assignment

The assignment (that’s unique to each role) will help us better understand how you come up with solutions to problems that are typical to the ones we encounter every day.

4/ Interviews

After the assignment, we will invite you to talk with our senior team members, so we can learn more about your skills and experiences, and you can get to know what it’s like to work at Databox.

Job offer
5/ Job offer
Job offer

It’s time to cover any last-minute questions and finalize the details. Once we both agree that there’s a great match, we will send you an offer letter to join the Databox team.

Signing a contract
6/ Signing a contract
Signing a contract

Once you accept our offer, we will prepare all the documents for you to sign and prepare a welcome package to get you onboarded smoothly.

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