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14 hours ago

New predefined data blocks for MOZ, Xero, Active Campaign and others

Our continuous strategy is to add more and more predefined data blocks to our data block library. Predefined data blocks are accessible in the left side panel of the Databox designer and will help you to build even more powerful data boards for you or for your clients.

In this update, we have added new data blocks for HelpScout, Adobe Analytics, Active Campaign, Vimeo, Localytics, Xero and Moz.

6 days ago
data integrations

Teamwork Projects Query Builder

With the Teamwork Query Builder you can now connect the entire Teamwork account rather than just connecting to a specific company. All companies and project can be filtered by dimensions available within the Teamwork account and make it possible to create reports across company/projects.

If you’re a Query Builder beginner, here is a help doc to guide you through the tool.

The Query Builder is available on our more advanced plans. If not available in your current plan, feel free to reach out to to enable the Query Builder for a test period.

2 weeks ago
data integrations

Filter and segment your call performance metrics with the CallRail Query Builder

Our CallRail integration enables you to access 47 standard metrics and variety of date ranges.

To access even more metrics from CallRail we have built the CallRail Query Builder. The Query Builder allows you to access standard and custom metrics from your CallRail account, filter by specific parameters and choose from a variety of date ranges.

If you’re a Query Builder beginner, here is a help doc to guide you through the tool.

The Query Builder is available on our more advanced plans. If not available in your current plan, feel free to reach out to to enable the Query Builder for a test period.

2 weeks ago
data integrations

New date ranges for Adobe Analytics, Youtube, Facebook Ads and more

Our continuous strategy is to update our existing Databox integrations to the Default list of date ranges. Default date ranges enable Databox users to dive into historical data and build more powerful data boards.

Default date ranges are already supported for the majority of our existing data sources, starting with HubSpot Marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and more.

In this set of improvement, we've added default date ranges to Adobe Analytics and Youtube integration metrics, for Facebook Ads and Salesforce we've updated the Query Builder date ranges. For the Salesforce Query Builder also All time date range is supported.

Default date ranges: Today, Yesterday, This week, This month, This quarter, This year, Week to date, Month to date, Quarter to date, Year to date, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Last 28 days, Last 30 days, Last 12 months (Year), Last week, Last month, Last Quarter, Last Year.

2 weeks ago
data integrations

New metrics: Shopify, HubSpot Marketing, Xero and more

In May we have added 20+ new metrics to our existing integrations, staring from Shopify, HubSpot Marketing to Youtube.

You have requested, we have added. 🎉

Shopify (9)
  • Gross Sales by Billing City
  • Net sales by Billing City
  • Total sales by Billing City
  • Orders by Billing City
  • Taxes by Billing City
  • Shipping by Billing City
  • Discounts by Billing City
  • Returns by Billing City
  • Quantity by Product Variant
Wistia (3)
  • Plays by Video
  • Actions
  • Actions by Video
HubSpot Marketing (6)
  • Emails Sent by Email Title (by Created)
  • Emails Delivered by Email Title (by Created)
  • Emails Sent by Email Title (by Created)
  • Emails Opens by Email Title (by Created)
  • Emails Clicks by Email Title (by Created)
  • Blog post views by blog
ProsperWorks (1)
  • Open Tasks by Owner
ActiveCampaign (1)
  • Contacts by tag
Xero (1)
  • Income by Type
HubSpot CRM
  • Companies by Owner
  • Open (unclosed) deals amount
Youtube (1)
  • Videos by Watch Time

We love your feedback. Feel free to reach out via and request your metric.

2 weeks ago
data integrations

New Integration: Track your top-ranking keywords with AccuRanker

With our new AccuRanker integration, you can analyze your tracked keyword performance and compare them against your competitor's domains added to your AccuRanker account.

Key metrics:

  • Share of Voice
  • Average Rank
  • Keyword Ranking Distribution
  • and +20 more

The easiest way to get started with analyzing your keyword performance is by using our free plug-and-play templates. We have prepared 3 templates just click on the images below to get started.

Template 1: Domain Overview

Template 2: Keyword Overview

Template 3: Competitors Overview

1 month ago

The All-New Scorecard

The All-New Scorecard

Scorecard sends you updates on your most important KPIs through email, mobile push notification, and/or Slack every day, week, or month.

We’ve made some pretty big updates that allow you and your team to take a more proactive approach to improving the business KPIs that matter most.

Read more
3 months ago

New Datablock "Advanced table"

The waiting is finally over... A multi-column table has been one of the most requested features from our users. Today, we present you the Advanced table, which allows you to add up to 10 metrics. You can find the new table under "Visualization types" tab in the Databoard Designer. Check it out. Let us know what you think.
3 months ago

Account progress & certification

With our new certification programs, the “easiest to use” data visualization tool has made monitoring, improving, and reporting on performance even easier. Click the badge icon in the top right navigation of Databox. Here you’ll find the list of tasks needed to complete your current level, as well as the overall percentage you’ve completed.
5 months ago

Webapp improvements batch

In Januar we released many improvements and bugfixes:
  • Carousel (loop) icon shown on looped Databoards and
  • "Looped" Databoards filter added
  • Empty Table datablock now 'dynamic' by default
  • Databoard footer (sync information, master date range switcher) added to the preview popup
  • Home Databoard options (on hover) rearranged
  • Many 🐛 smashed