New in Databox: Uncover Opportunities In Your Data With New Visualizations and More Powerful Charts

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    There will always be a place for spreadsheets in your business. But viewing your company’s performance data on charts can help you analyze your data faster, compare historic performance, and uncover insights you might’ve missed otherwise. The right visualization also helps your team understand performance better and can illustrate the progress they’re making toward a shared goal.  The key is choosing the right visualization for each metric or KPI you want to track. For example, let’s say you want to know which marketing channels are driving the highest amount of website traffic and conversions. A line chart would show how performance changes over time, but not highlight the performance of one channel versus another.

    In other words, the way you visualize your data is just as important as the data itself. The right visualization will help you spot trends and opportunities you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    And now, you can find the perfect visualization for each metric. Our team has been tirelessly working on one of our most anticipated features: Advanced Charts. With new visualization types and more powerful capabilities, it’s now easier than ever for you to explore and visualize your data in Databox.

    5 New Visualization Types To Help You Understand Your Data Better

    We’ve added 5 new visualization types to our library: Radial Progress, Spider Diagram, Horizontal Bar Chart, Bubble Chart, and Data Stories.

    Radial Progress

    Inspired by the health tracking “rings” on the Apple Watch, the Radial Progress visualization simplifies goal tracking. You can add up to 15 metrics to see how your goals are progressing within a specific project – at a glance.

    Spiderweb Diagram

    You can use Spider Diagrams to compare up to 15 metrics and 15 related dimensions at once. By observing the polygon shapes, you can quickly spot patterns and anomalies in your data.

    Horizontal Bar Chart

    You can use a Horizontal Bar Chart to compare the performance of different dimensions or metrics. The length of the bar represents your values, making it easy to spot top-performing categories. You can add up to 15 metrics to a Horizontal Bar Chart in Databox.

    Bubble Chart

    The Bubble Chart helps you explore data relationships in an easy-to-consume format. The bubble sizes represent your metric values, so you can quickly pinpoint correlations between your metrics and dimensions. You can add up to 15 metrics, each with 15 dimensions.

    Data Stories

    The Data Story visualization you know and love from reports is now available in Dashboards! Data Stories are easy-to-read text summaries about how your metric is performing. Your text will update automatically with the latest data, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

    Your Data, Your Way

    Presenting data the way you want it isn’t about convenience. It’s about making sure you find the insights and answers you’re looking for in your data.

    That’s why we’ve introduced new capabilities, made our charts more intuitive, and worked on improving existing visualizations. All with one goal in mind: to give you the flexibility to visualize and explore your data however you want.

    Now, you can…

    • Add multiple metrics to a single visualization to better understand how different metrics relate to each other.
    • Select multiple comparison periods to see how current performance compares to past trends.
    • Change the order of Dimensions and Metrics to make the most important information stand out.
    • Change the color of individual Metrics to make it easier for viewers to understand your insights.

    Build Custom Dashboards Faster Than Ever With a Simplified Designer

    But the updates don’t stop there — it’s now easier than ever to create and update dashboards in Databox.

    With the new Dashboard Designer, you can now add data from multiple sources into a single dashboard with just one click (literally).

    You can also quickly switch between different visualization types to find the best way to represent your data.

    Plus, we’ve updated the dashboard canvas to a 16×8 layout. This means you have more flexibility in the ways you can present your data.

    Build More Powerful Dashboards

    With new visualization types and enhanced flexibility, you can now create more powerful and comprehensive dashboards. See more clearly how your data connects, uncover new growth opportunities, and make informed decisions for your business.

    So, what’s next? Login to your account and build more powerful and meaningful dashboards. Or, if you are new to Databox, create a free account and start by connecting your data source, build dashboards, create reports, set up notifications, and so much more.

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