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Embrace a reporting solution that truly grows alongside your business. With Databox, you get access to a comprehensive suite of features designed to adapt seamlessly to your changing needs. Uncover new insights, improve performance, and make more informed decisions with Databox – the ultimate Looker Studio alternative.

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3 Reasons to Choose Databox as Your Google Looker Studio Alternative

Built-in Notification System

Go beyond mere reports. With Databox notifications, you’ll be able to quickly respond to shifts in your performance and address issues before they become bigger problems. Set Goals, stay updated on key metrics with Scorecards and Metric Digest, and receive Alerts wherever you are – via email, Slack, or push notification.

Integrations in Databox

Extensive Integrations

Bring all your data together, no extra licenses needed. Databox connects with 120+ popular tools, including Google platforms like Google Ads, GA4, Google Search Console, and more.

AI Features to Help You Grow

Say goodbye to guesswork with Databox Forecasts. Get highly accurate predictions of your most important metrics so you can identify trends, set more realistic goals, and get the confidence to grow.

Databox vs Looker Studio at a Glance

Easily compare Databox and Google Looker Studio to choose the best reporting tool for your business. Explore the top 6 features in a one-on-one comparison.


Extensive Metric Library and easy-to-use Metric Tools

In Databox, each Data Source comes loaded with thousands of ready-made metrics. Using the Metric Library, you can easily explore and add metrics to your dashboards and reports to instantly visualize your performance. If you can’t find the metric you need, you can create additional metrics with Metric Tools. With the Metric Builder, add advanced filters and dimensions using simple dropdown menus. With Metric Calculations, create calculated metrics with ease – no coding skills are needed, it’s as simple as building an equation.

Variety of pre-defined metrics for Google Services, complex data fields

With Looker Studio, users can easily visualize data from Google services. But, identifying the available metrics can be hard, especially when you’re looking for metrics that go beyond Google connectors. Users can create calculated metrics using data fields, but it can be a bit complex. It involves writing formulas, which might pose a challenge for users with limited technical skills.


120+ integrations, Google Sheets, SQL databases, and more options to cover your data needs

Connect your data to Databox using any of our 70+ native integrations. Databox connects with the most popular platforms for every department, including marketing, finance, sales, and more. Go beyond what’s natively available by connecting SQL databases, spreadsheets, and Custom API integrations. Or push data into Databox using the Rest API.

Native integrations with Google’s ecosystem, partner connectors available

Looker Studio’s native integrations are specifically designed to connect exclusively within Google’s ecosystem, without any extra charges. But, if users need to connect with platforms outside of Google’s services, they rely on partner integrations that are managed by third-party providers. Often, this involves additional costs as users would have to purchase a license with tools like Supermetrics or Megalytics.


Presentation-style reports, variety of report templates, automated insights

Choose from a range of report templates or create a report from scratch. With a variety of different slide types, like text, dashboards, side-by-side, and data stories, add context and explain your results effortlessly. With Report automation, set reminders and schedule your reports to automatically be exported at your set frequency. Plus, Data Stories includes insights that automatically update with every report delivery.

Templates available only for Google connectors

Lookers Studio offers a handful of templates, tailored specifically for Google connectors like YouTube, Google Search Console, etc. Creating a report is straightforward. Users can either start from scratch or choose to use a template. Once the report is ready, Looker Studio allows users to automate sharing.


Easy to build dashboards, 140+ templates, and a variety of sharing options

Databox provides 140+ pre-built dashboard templates, covering the most common metrics for every department. Start by selecting a template or creating your own dashboard from scratch. With a drag-and-drop interface, you can easily add, resize and move visualizations on the dashboard canvas. Seamlessly share your dashboards via link, email, Slack, or even stream them to your TV. The best part? Recipients can access your interactive dashboards without needing a Databox account.

Does not include a dedicated feature for dashboards

Looker Studio does not have a dedicated dashboard feature. Instead, users can create dashboards using Reports. Users can adjust the canvas size (width and length) to make a single-page dashboard. Once a user has created a dashboard, it can be shared through links, email, or embedded reports. Only Google account users can access dashboards using the shared link.

Goals and notifications

Goals, Alerts, Scorecards, Metrics Digest, Slack Notifications, and more

Proactively monitor your performance with Databox’s built-in notification system. Set targets and track progress with Goals, stay updated on top metrics with Scorecards, receive tailored notifications with Alerts, and gain detailed metric updates with the Metric Digest. The best part? Your notifications will be delivered where it matters most to you – Slack, email, push notification, and more.

No notifications available

Users can visualize Goals using a Gauge chart. Looker Studio does not provide any notification features.

AI Features

Predict future performance and improve results with Metric Forecasts and more AI features

Spot trends, growth opportunities and set more realistic goals for your clients with Metric Forecasts. But that’s not all – our upcoming AI-powered features, like Generative AI, Anomaly Detection, Advanced Benchmarks, and Metric Correlation, will take your reporting to new heights, giving you deeper insights into your performance.

Only a crystal ball can help you

There are no AI features in Looker Studio.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

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  • Ease of use

    databox g2 review 8.7

    Looker Studio: 8.1

  • Ease of setup

    databox g2 review 8.7

    Looker Studio: 8.2

  • Ease of admin

    databox g2 review 8.9

    Looker Studio: 8.1

  • Meets requirements

    databox g2 review 8.8

    Looker Studio: 8.5

What Makes Databox so Great?

We admit we might be a little biased. So don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our amazing customers have to say about why they love Databox.

4.8 out of 5 stars

“There are so many things I love about Databox. First, it’s very intuitive. You don’t need to be a data expert. You can integrate data seamlessly from different resources. I have tried Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio (now Google Looker Studio). And I prefer Databox.”

Matteo Graceffa, Co-founder at WinLeads

“The guys at Databox go above and beyond to make their product work for you. Also, a very adaptable solution allows you to report on almost anything you want as it has so many data sources. They also keep adding new functionalities with Reports and Benchmarks recently added. These features will undoubtedly go on to be very, very useful.”

Alan Moses, Head of Marketing Operations at Radial Path

Make the Right Choice

Databox and Google Looker Studio are both great reporting platforms. But as your business grows, you need a solution that can adapt to your changing needs.
Databox is the perfect tool for you if…

  • You need a reporting platform that is both intuitive and powerful.
  • You need a solution that seamlessly integrates with more than just Google Services.
  • You want to proactively monitor your goals and metrics with a robust notification system.
  • You want to build more robust metrics with easy-to-use Metric Tools.
  • You want to confidently predict future performance and make more data-backed decisions.

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