Pricing that grows with your Business


$0 forever
$0 forever
Tiny amount of data and no obligations.
  • 3 Data Connections
  • 3 Users
  • 3 Databoards
Free includes:
  • Data refreshed daily
  • Goal Tracking Enter daily, weekly, monthly targets and automatically track your progress.


$59 per month
$49 per month
For individuals and
small teams
  • 10 Data Connections
  • 5 Users
  • 10 Databoards
All in Free plus:
  • Data refresh every hour
  • Company Branding Change logo, report designs and host your reports on your own subdomain.
  • Push Data via API Push custom data sources into Databox via our API.


$299 per month
$249 per month
For small and medium size companies
  • 50 Data Connections
  • 20 Users
  • 50 Databoards
All in Basic plus:
  • Data refresh every hour
  • Query Builder Databox Query Builder allows you to extract any custom metric and KPI from multiple cloud data source providers The Query Builder is our advanced setup engine that allows you to extract custom metrics, events, goals and statistics, with just a few clicks.


For large companies with bigger needs
  • Unlimited Data Connections
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Databoards
All in Business plus:
  • Real-time data
  • Unlimited API calls Push data into Databox as frequently as necessary.
  • Custom integrations
All accounts start with 15-day free trial with Business features. No credit card required. Free Signup

* All plans include unlimited metrics, alerts, scorecards, full customization with Databox Designer, Slack integration, native iOS and Android apps, Apple Watch app and several other valuable features.

Partner Program

Marketing agency or Consultant? Automate your client reporting to stop wasting time cutting and pasting your reports together, use data to drive retention and identify upsell opportunities, educate your team on new ways to drive value to clients via our integrated software partners, use our templates to quickly analyze a prospect's data to scope and pitch sales opportunities and generate leads by offering your expertise to our audience and customer base via co-marketing. Apply now for our Partner Program.


Need help implementing or managing Databox? With custom services from Databox and our partners, we can build custom integrations to pull and visualize data regardless of source, including full historical data. We can also build mobile and desktop dashboards that pull real time data regardless of the number of API calls required. Request a quote for services.

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What happens after the free trial ends?

When your trial ends, you will still be able to access your account, but your data will not be refreshed until you select a plan and enter a valid payment method.

What are Mobile Datacards and Datawalls?

Mobile Datacards are mobile views (usually called dashboards). You can swipe left and right on your phone to switch between different datacards. Datawalls are an optimized view for big screens that are most commonly used in the office as overhead displays.

Do you offer professional services?

We’re working with some customers one-on-one to get them up and running with special configurations of Databox. Get in touch if you need help. Please keep in mind that we do charge for custom integrations.

No long term commitments

There is no required commitment term beyond one month. You can cancel at any time, however we’re hoping you stay forever :-) We can also set up invoicing for larger payments; just contact us.

Can I share Mobile Datacards and Datawalls with a large number of users?

You can share any Mobile Datacard or Datawall with your team or external members such as clients or partners.

Can I connect Databox to my custom data?

You can connect Databox to any data source. We do offer 30+ pre-built data connectors or you can use our Rest API to push any data to Databox instantly.

What payment methods does Databox accept?

We are using Stripe as our payment merchant. You can set up a monthly subscription using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express through Stripe