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Scaling your marketing agency is no easy task. As your client base grows and reports start to pile up, you need a reporting tool that seamlessly adapts to your changing needs. Don’t let your agency get held back. Grow confidently with Databox, the ultimate alternative to AgencyAnalytics.

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3 Reasons to Choose Databox as Your AgencyAnalytics Alternative

Powerful Presentation-Style Reports

Ditch the ‘old-school’ layout and create reports that will impress clients. With Databox, you can add the metrics and dashboards you need into a fully customizable deck-like report – that’s made for sharing.

More Robust Metrics

Don’t settle for ‘cookie-cutter’ metrics. With Databox’s Metric Builder and Metric Calculation tool, you have the flexibility to create new metrics that are specifically tailored to your unique business needs. Best of all, these tools require no coding expertise!

AI-Powered Features Designed to Help You Grow

Tap into the power of AI with Databox Forecasts. By leveraging this advanced feature, you can make more informed decisions, set more realistic goals, and predict future performance with confidence. With valuable insights at your fingertips, drive exceptional results for both you and your clients.

Databox vs AgencyAnalytics at a Glance

Wondering which reporting tool to choose for your agency? Take a closer look at the top 6 features to see how Databox and AgencyAnalytics stack up.


Easily create, customize, and share dashboards

With a drag-and-drop interface, you can build custom dashboards in minutes. Simply drag a metric onto the dashboard canvas and watch your data come to life. In the dashboard designer, you’ll also have the ability to customize the colors, layouts, and visualizations to create engaging dashboards that your clients will love!

Straightforward interface but limited customization options

AgencyAnalytics offers a drag-and-drop interface where you can add and reposition metrics. But, there are some limitations when it comes to customizing the dashboard visuals.


Extensive library of over 4,000 pre-defined metrics and more

With Databox, you’ll get access to over 4,000 pre-defined metrics that you can use in your reports and dashboards. If you can’t find the metric you need, you can use the Metric Builder tool to create new custom metrics – no coding is required. With the Data Calculations tool, you can even create new calculated metrics to enhance your reporting.

Includes a selection of pre-defined metrics with limited options to customize your data

AgencyAnalytics offers a selection of pre-defined metrics for each Data Source. But, when it comes to creating more ‘custom’ metrics, users rely on the widget settings to configure the data the way they want it displayed. This can be somewhat restrictive. Creating a custom Metric (known as Calculated Metric in Databox) requires some technical proficiency.


Connect to almost any platform

Databox offers 70+ native integrations with the most popular marketing tools. Go beyond what’s natively available with third-party tools like Zapier and Make, SQL databases, or by pushing custom data into Databox using the Rest API.

Only connects with 75 native integrations and Google Sheets

AgencyAnalytics offers 75 native integrations with popular marketing tools. There is no option to sync custom data through third-party integrations or SQL databases. Users can only do this using a Google Sheets.


Create presentation-style reports and automate your processes

In Databox, you can choose to either use a Report template or create one from scratch. The Report editor offers a variety of different slide types including text, image, data stories, side-by-side, and ready-made dashboards, that you can use to create engaging presentations. Using Report Automation, you’ll be able to set reminders and schedule your reports to automatically be exported at your set frequency.

Document-style reports with templates available

In AgencyAnalytics, Reports can be created from scratch or from a template. The Report editor allows you to include prebuilt sections for the most common use cases in marketing (SEO, social media, website traffic, etc). When building your Report, only widgets (graphs and text) can be customized using predefined color schemes.

Goals and notifications

Proactively monitor your performance with Goals and Notifications

Use Goals, Scorecards, and custom Alerts to keep your metrics under control. Using Goals and Alerts, you’ll be able to set targets, track your progress over time, and receive tailored notifications to stay informed on your performance. With Scorecards, you can receive performance updates of your top metrics via email, push notification, or Slack.

Only able to visualize Goals on charts

In AgencyAnalytics, you’ll be able to plot your Goal line on a chart. If you require a more advanced Goal setup, the features’ capabilities is a bit restricting. AgencyAnalytics does not offer notifications.

AI Features

Predict future performance with Metric Forecasts and more

Create more realistic expectations and identify opportunities for growth using Metric Forecasts. We’ll be introducing new AI features like Generative AI, Anomaly Detection, Advanced Benchmarks, and Metric correlations to enhance your reporting capabilities.

Only a crystal ball can help you

AgencyAnalytics does not offer AI features.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it

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  • Dashboards

    databox g2 review 9.5

    AgencyAnalytics: 9.2

  • Email Reports

    databox g2 review 9.0

    AgencyAnalytics: 8.9

  • Sharing

    databox g2 review 9.7

    AgencyAnalytics: 9.4

  • Real-Time Updating

    databox g2 review 8.9

    AgencyAnalytics: 8.9

What Makes Databox so Great?

We’ll be honest; we may be biased. But don’t take our word for it! Check out what some of our happy customers have to say about why they love using Databox.

4.8 out of 5 stars

“Databox is great for connecting the metrics/data from multiple systems into one cohesive tool (and ultimately, dashboards + reports). Databox helped us deepen our marketing analytics reporting – as HubSpot’s default reporting settings/metrics left a lot to be desired.”

Alex Bidlack, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

“I like the versatility of Databox very much. But what I like and appreciate the most is the Gold Standard help and support, I always received from helpful, understanding, and friendly support team members.”

Make the Right Choice

Databox and AgencyAnalytics are effective reporting platforms for marketing agencies, but as your agency grows, your needs change over time.
Databox will be the perfect tool for you if…

  • You need a performance analytics platform that is both user-friendly and robust.
  • You need advanced features to effectively monitor and track your clients’ key metrics.
  • You want to consolidate and visualize data from all of your platforms in one place.
  • You want a scalable solution that can accommodate the evolving needs of your agency.
  • You want to project future outcomes and anticipate your success.

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