Get Insights on Your Top KPIs with the Metric Detail Page and the Weekly Metric Performance Digest

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    In the sea of metrics that we are tracking, there are times that we miss a few. Let too many fall through the cracks, and that can cause issues further down the road. This is why it is important to have the ability to quickly and easily gain insights into every single metric we are tracking, both on and off the dashboard. 

    This is where the Databox Metric Detail Page and the Weekly Metric Performance Digest come in handy. So let’s find out what improvements are coming your way. 

    Meet the Metric Detail Page

    Until now, a metric had to be added to a dashboard in order to view its data. This meant the occasional guess-and-check work to ensure you were choosing the right KPI to track. 

    Now, with the availability of the Metric Detail Page, we are changing that. We can now see additional data for each metric by clicking on it. This helps you get insights into each metric you are currently tracking, without adding it to a Dashboard first. 

    But wait, there is more…

    You can now choose to view these details from all the metrics for which you have a connected data source. When you change the metric you are previewing, the chart and the value change will reflect the most recent data sync. The favorite metrics listed below always remain the same, regardless of the metric selected and you can sort them by change, for example, to see which favorite metrics performed best in the selected period.

    Finally, you can see an overview of the metric performance over pre-defined time periods –

    • Previous month
    • Week to date
    • Month to date
    • Year to date

    The time period boxes are clickable, and by clicking on a box, the chart updates with the same date range.

    How to Access the Metric Detail Page

    It is relatively simple. From any page on the Databox app, go to the Metrics Page. There, simply hover over any metric and click on the “View Details” button. 

    Weekly Metric Performance Digest 

    Let’s be honest, we all have favorite metrics that we just pay more attention to compared to the rest. When they’re really important, we call them our KPIs. These are the metrics we want to keep an eye on more frequently— to know how they’re trending, whether they’re feeling okay, and if not, do they need some help to get back on their feet? 

    This is all vital information. That’s why,  once a week, we want to deliver this vital information directly to your inbox. Simply open the email, and all the data will be right there. From there, it’s easy for you to see when the numbers are where they are supposed to be, or take action that will result in better numbers down the line. 

    You can get the Weekly Metric Performance Digest email for your selected KPIs set up quickly today, and then check the Metric Detail Page for additional information if the numbers require it. 

    Set up the Metric Digest

    Find the Metric Digest Page under Notifications. From here you can set up the Weekly digest email and edit email delivery options.

    Simply click on the Setup Metric Digest, and choose the metric you want to get notified on. You can also select the necessary dimension, dates, and times of the email. If you need data from the previous week, choose Monday.If you want data from this week, choose Friday. It’s that easy. 

    After that, just check your email to get the latest data on your KPIs. Need more insights? You can easily get it from the email to the Metric Details Page within the app. 

    Get More Insights into Your Metrics Now

    The only condition for you to get to the Metric Detail Page is that you have at least one metric added to the Metrics page.

    Find out more about this new feature here

    New to Databox? Create a free account here.

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