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What is a Data Dashboard? Definition, Benefits, and Examples

Data dashboards have become a critical component of most businesses’ collective tech stacks. Here’s how dashboards work, some examples, as well as what you should track.

Marija Hladni Analytics Marija HladniMarija Hladni   |  Mar 3

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Marketing Reporting: The KPIs, Reports, & Dashboard Templates You Need to Get Started

Marketing reporting is a skill that every marketer should have. Here, we cover everything you need on marketing reports, KPIs and metrics, dashboards, and more.

Marija Hladni Reporting   |  Jan 22

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Google Analytics Reporting: A Complete Guide to Reports, Metrics, Dimensions, and More

Google Analytics reports are a standard for any digital business. Here’s everything you need to know about GA reporting, metrics, dimensions, and more.

Marija Hladni Analytics   |  Jan 13

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Use Cases

12 Custom Facebook Ad Metrics Every Campaign Needs

Once you get your Facebook Ads campaigns up and running, finding the right way of tracking them is key to measuring success and ROI.

Marija Hladni Use Cases   |  Dec 17 2020