Introducing White Labeling: A Fully Branded Reporting Experience for Your Company and/or Clients

Product and Design Jul 10, 2020 6 minutes read

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    Imagine having your own custom analytics and reporting tool, complete with fully branded dashboards, performance alerts, a custom subdomain, and even a mobile experience.

    Now imagine building all of this with just a few clicks.

    With Databox’s new white label add-on, you can make it happen.

    Now you can provide fully-branded reports, performance alerts, and log in access to your team and/or clients.

    Starting today, the following white-label options are available as an add-on to any Databox paid plan.

    • Custom-branded Databoards: Present Databoards in meetings or display them on your office TV wall with your company’s branding
    • Branded shareable URLs: Move to real-time monitoring by sharing custom-branded URLs of your Databoards and/or a Databoard Carousel so bosses/clients/etc can bookmark it and reference it at any time.
    • Fully-branded performance Alerts, Scorecards and Scheduled Snapshots: The best way to keep your team and/or clients on pace to hit goals is to automate performance alerts around key metrics. Now, those automated alerts can come branded with your logo and come from your email domain.
    • Branded product experience: Allow users and/or clients to log in to customize their home screen, browse and view Databoards, and build/customize metrics, goals, and Scorecards––all from a fully-branded experience that showcases your brand.
    • Mobile app branding: Enable your team and/or clients to access performance data from anywhere. The best part? The mobile experience can also be branded to represent your brand. *Users will still need to download the Databox app from the App Store.

    Next, let’s jump into how the experience works and how it will look to your team and/or clients.

    Prefer video? Check out the 5-minute walk-through of all of the white label options below.

    Present Custom-Branded Reports During Meetings

    Now, when you present performance updates in meetings, on calls, or when you share Databoards with your team and/or clients, your Databoards will include your company’s branding…not Databox’s.

    And it’ll save you time, as you can set up your account logo — meaning your logo will be automatically added in the bottom lefthand corner of all Databoards you build.

    This is a simple and professional way of taking full ownership of performance data and the way your team presents it. By including branding in your reports, you’re not only strengthening your brand, but you’re also adding a personalized touch. And since your clients will be looking at your reports regularly, that’s a lot of brand reinforcement.

    Here’s how it’ll look….

    All users can upload logos to the lefthand bottom corner of Databoards. The capability to remove “Powered by Databox” is included in all Plus and above plans and does not require the White Label Add-on. You can request the removal from our support team.

    Share Reports Hosted on Your Own Domain

    How often does a member of your team, a client, and/or other stakeholders ask for performance updates?

    Shareable links are a perfect solution when you want to keep everyone up-to-date, while also allowing them to check the data on their own time. And now, the shareable URLs can be custom branded to include your company’s domain and favicon.

    It’s yet another way to add a layer of professionalism to your reports. For agencies, it helps create a competitive advantage in offering clients a unique and branded experience when accessing their performance data.

    Send Automated Performance Alerts & Scorecards from Your Own Email Address

    One of the benefits of Databox is that you can automate your notifications — keep everyone who matters up-to-date at all times, making sure you and your team hit your goals, without the pressure of manually sending out reports.

    With Databox, you can already automate performance Alerts and Scorecards so that your team is always up-to-date with the latest performance trends without having to manually create and send reports.

    Now, those automated performance updates will come fully-branded from you.

    For agencies, imagine your clients receiving branded performance alerts from your agency on a regular basis. This helps create differentiation between competitors and creates a “stickiness” factor that your clients can grow accustomed to.

    Here’s how a branded Snapshot would look…

    Allow Your Users to Login to A Fully Branded Web App

    With a custom domain, your users and/or clients can sign in and experience a custom branded experience unique to your company.

    No Databox branding anywhere––instead, the platform is essentially yours.

    It’s an easy, effective, and professional way of presenting your work and data.

    Showcase your brand by equipping the login page with your logo and domain. You can customize your in-app favicon, home screen, Databoards, emails, notifications, etc. You can also remove the link to our help documentation and chat support.

    Brand The Mobile App with Your Logo

    While the white labeling options we’ve highlighted up to this point cover the entire desktop experience, we can’t forget about the mobile experience. Since many people access their performance data on their mobile phones, we also create a branding option on mobile, too. While you and your users will still need to download the Databox-branded app from the app store, you’ll be able to upload your log in place of ours when the user opens the app.

    With Databox’s mobile app and the ability to brand it, your team and/or your clients can access performance data from anywhere, under your logo and company colors.

    Who can access white-label features?

    The white-labeling and custom domain add-on package is available as an add-on to any plan, for an additional fee of $250.00 per month.

    Agencies can rebrand all of their client accounts to their agency’s branding by purchasing the add-on for their own account. Agencies that would like to brand each client separately with the client’s branding must purchase the add-on for each client.

    You must be an administrator or account owner to make changes to the white-labeling capabilities in your Databox account(s). Users who are on our Plus, Business or any paid Agency plan will also have the ability to remove the “Powered by Databox” logo in the bottom right-hand corner of Databoards without the add-on enabled.

    Existing customers who had access to some of the white-label features can keep those capabilities at no extra charge, but must upgrade for access to additional white-label features.

    Get the White Label Add-on

    Interested in adding white-labeling functionality to your account? Want to learn more before doing so?

    Existing users can log in and reach out via chat or email to ask questions and/or activate the White-Labeling add-on.

    Not a Databox user yet? No problem. You can create your free account here.

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