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Tamara Omerovic Tamara is Content Editorial Manager at Databox. She is an SEO aficionado, a coffee addict, and a huge museum lover! When she's not working or writing, she enjoys visiting an art gallery, drinking her 5th coffee with her friends, or playing video games.

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Blog SEO: 47 Expert Tips for Optimizing Blog Posts for SEO

A complete expert guide on blog SEO – from writing SEO-friendly blog posts, to updating old posts and using Databox to find content update opportunities.

Tamara Omerovic Marketing Tamara OmerovicTamara Omerovic   |  Jun 10

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Google Analytics Data: 10 Warning Signs Your Data Isn’t Reliable

Is your Google Analytics data reliable? Learn more about L2 Digital’s approach to identifying and cleaning up your Google Analytics account.

Tamara Omerovic Analytics   |  Mar 4

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213 Marketing Dashboard Templates for Tracking and Measuring Your Marketing Performance

No more slides or spreadsheets. These free marketing dashboard templates are plug-and-play and will allow you to quickly track your marketing metrics and KPIs.

Tamara Omerovic Marketing   |  Feb 4

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42 Free Sales Dashboard Templates For Tracking & Improving Sales Performance

No more messing with spreadsheets, slides, or multiple logins. These free sales dashboard templates allow you to track and improve your sales performance.

Tamara Omerovic Sales   |  Oct 2 2020