How the Spot On Agency Turned a Niche Client Campaign into 20,000 Searches Per Month (and a 300+ Percent Increase in Leads)

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    The Spot On Agency is a Birmingham, Alabama-based digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare software companies. They’ve been in business since 2012 when Spot On was founded by Susie Kelley and Rebecca Graves.

    Originally a Hubspot partner and agency, Spot On has grown into a coast-to-coast company earning awards such as Top Inbound Marketing Agency of 2019 and over twenty HubSpot certifications. But it’s the success of its clients, that Spot On considers long-term partners, that make them the incredible agency they are today.

    Left to Right: Co-Founder, Principal, and VP of Client Services Rebecca Graves & Founder of Smart Traffic Consulting and SEO/SEM Consulting Partner Brian Cauble

    Spot On’s Co-Founder and Consulting Partner 

    We had a chance to sit down with Co-Founder Rebecca Graves, now a Principal and VP of Client Services for Spot On, and Brian Cauble, the Founder of Smart Traffic Consulting and an SEO/SEM consulting partner for the agency. Rebecca explained that, while originally clients would hire them to implement Hubspot, they now develop full-funnel marketing strategies and help execute those strategies.

    They work with their clients’ marketing and sales teams to create these full-funnel strategies, which means Rebecca and her team will often become deeply involved in the day-to-day processes of each client.

    As a traffic expert and consultant, Brian’s expertise comes in understanding what he calls the entire “keyword universe.” Having worked with Spot On for nearly four years, he’s as much a part of the team as any other team member on the payroll. His days are spent digging deep into keyword and paid ads data for multiple clients to find opportunities and executing traffic campaigns.

    Prevounce: A Case Study

    For Spot On, marketing success begins with a solid strategic foundation. One such success story lies in Prevounce, a healthcare software company that delivers online preventive care, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring programs.

    They came to the Spot On agency for help mid-year of 2019. Rebecca explains, “They didn’t have anybody coming to their website. They’re brilliant at what they do, but nobody knew they existed.”

    As it stood, Remote Patient Monitoring, one of Prevounce’s product solutions and a critical keyword for them, only got about 800 searches a month at the time. Brian adds, “And then there were a lot of long-tail keywords around it, but it was early. So there wasn’t a ton of long-tail traffic.”

    They went to work on building a strategy.

    From 800 to 20,000 Searches Per Month

    Brian takes us through the process of developing the strategy, “…we started with a lot of ads because they needed some traffic. They were doing ads, but they just weren’t converting. They were pretty much getting people to the website, and nothing was happening. Nobody was actually requesting a demo.

    So, we went back and looked at the three different types of business that they wanted to do. One was the Annual Wellness Visit. The other was Remote Patient Monitoring. And the third one was Chronic Care Management… we created campaigns around those.”

    Once the campaigns were created, the overall strategy began to take shape. Content was built around the 3 types of business to drive organic traffic, and the website evolved as it gained purpose. Slowly but surely, the leads started coming in.

    The results?

    “Now Remote Patient Monitoring gets 4,400 visits from searches a month, and there’s a lot of long-tail searches,” Brian told us. “People are looking for the devices, looking for the billing codes, looking for specialists, and the whole thing has grown out to where cumulatively it’s probably 20,000 searches a month.” 

    “The whole thing has grown out to where cumulatively it’s probably 20,000 searches a month.” – Brian Cauble

    Connecting Google Analytics and SEMrush

    A full-funnel strategy requires full-funnel data analysis. For this, the Spot On team relies on Databox.

    Rebecca explains, “We track ranking with keywords, we track ads with conversions…[we’re] looking at the full funnel. We have this many leads, but what happened after that? Did they convert to MQLs, to SQLs, did they convert to opportunities?”

    They used the Dashboard Designer to create a Databoard that combines the keyword rankings and opportunities coming directly from SEMrush with the traffic and on-page behavior data from Google Analytics. Connecting the two powerful tools inside Databox has been a game-changer for Spot On.

    “Otherwise, we would have to go across other pieces of software to gather that information… It’s pulling different sources into one, singular board.” – Rebecca Graves

    But their commitment to their clients goes beyond interpreting data and making strategic decisions. As Spot On’s in-house problem-solver and perspective-shifter, Rebecca is able to see the forest and the trees and uses the information to guide clients expertly toward their goals. This requires constant communication and transparency.

    Giving Clients Access to Real-Time Data

    Rebecca puts it plainly, “We give them everything that they’re looking for. We give them HubSpot data. We give them ads data. We give them Google Analytics. We pull in SEMrush; all the platforms that we use.”

    It’s this extreme transparency on which Spot On was built. Rebecca explains:

    It’s all about partnership, and Spot On definitely has a partnership with their clients. They work together towards the same goal. They don’t want to be an agency that puts money into a black box, refusing to let their clients see what’s happening.

    “We use Databox so that the client can go in and look… at any given time they can just pop in and look in real-time. They can go in and adjust the periods of data that they want to look at.” – Rebecca Graves

    Though the strategies are customized for every client, they have a proven formula that informs each strategy. They use Databox Reporting to show clients that when you follow the formula and use their custom strategy, it works. Every time.

    Partnership in Practice

    Partnership is about more than just creating strategies that work; it requires trust. It’s the human-to-human approach that Spot On excels at.

    And it’s not just about sharing numbers but also having empathy; Brian explains:

    “The ads interface is pretty complicated. It’s a lot. It’s overwhelming. With a Databoard, we can simplify that view a little bit, and they can see the highlights of the ads and what we think is more important.” 

    On top of the PPC Databoards that Spot On shares, they also regularly report and go through the numbers with their clients in real-time. They’re able to see the ad spend, the overall budget, and which campaigns are performing the best. And they take it one step further as Rebecca shares, “Typically, we look through it with them but have links where they can go out and look at it themselves at any given time.”

    This gives them the opportunity to share real-time wins with their clients.

    Baked into the DNA

    Rebecca, Brian, and the rest of the Spot On team wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “That’s baked into the DNA of the company. It’s never occurred to us not to share those… We’re partnering with them. That means candid feedback.” – Brian Cauble

    For more information on The Spot On Agency, click here.

    With their focus on the co-creation of measurable goals, a winning formula, and customized strategy, along with the Databox reporting features that help them work towards those goals… It’s no wonder the Spot On Agency has helped their clients win big.

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