The most advanced Mobile Designer

Easy to use, no coding required.

Drag and drop. Use our drag and drop editor to easily create beautiful KPI dashboards.

Make it your own. Customize your views by adding metrics or changing visualizations.

Connect to your data. Easily hook up to any data source to instantly see your key metrics.

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Easily build your Datacard KPI Reports with Databox Designer drag-n-drop interface also from predefined templates
Databox connect step1: Select your data source Databox connect step2: Pick the metrics and KPIs that matter Databox connect step3: Connect your data source Databox connect step4: Set up your data alerts

Be up and running in minutes.

Simple wizard to help you get started.

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Visualize metrics the way you want.

Databox supported Datablock visualizations: line chart, bar chart, big number, funnel, pipeline, pie, progress bar, gauge, data table
All your data in one place: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Localytics, Twitter, Intercom, Facebook, Wistia, Chartbeat, Mixpanel, Zendesk, Paypal, Stripe, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and more

Multiple data sources on a single screen.

Choose from dozens of pre-built integrations or use our API and SDKs to quickly show your custom data and metrics in front of your team.

Powerful. Advanced. Enterprise ready.

Key Designer features

  • Easy to use. No coding required, setup in minutes.

  • Live preview. See your data in real-time.

  • Make it yours. Define your colors and data visualizations.

  • Alerts and notifications Setup alerts and notifications for you or for your team.

  • Pre-built Connectors. Dozens of pre-built connectors.

  • Query Builder. Pull in some custom metrics.

  • Share and engage. Share it with your team or another department.

  • User Management. Easily set access permissions by every screen or metrics.

  • Developer Docs Use our Rest API or various SDKs to connect with your custom data.

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