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Dashboards That Are Optimized for Desktop, Mobile, TV, Apple Watch, and more

Whether you’re viewing performance from your desktop, phone, TV, or even your wrist – Databox makes your data accessible no matter where you’re viewing it.

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Databox on desktop real-time visualizations

Desktop Dashboards: Real-time visualizations of business performance

No matter what device you’re using, dashboards are optimized to fit the screen. Tired of logging into multiple tools to see how your company is performing? View all of your performance data in one place, so you can spend less time checking data and creating reports and more time acting on insights.

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Databox on big screens

TV Dashboards: Display your most important KPIs on your office TV

Keep your entire team up-to-date on the latest performance trends by displaying your Databoards from a wall-mounted TV. Loop together several dashboards so that multiple dashboards will rotate automatically on your TV with a time interval of your selection.

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Databox Mobile App for iOS and Android

Mobile Dashboards: View your dashboards, KPIs, goals, and more, right from your phone

With the Databox Mobile app—available for IOS and Android—you and your team can have a mobile view of all of your dashboards, track your progress toward company goals, receive important alerts on performance, and more, all from your pocket. Edit your dashboards, add your observations to specific metrics, share those observations with your team, and more, all from the mobile app.

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Databox on Apple Watch

Apple Watch: Never miss important performance alerts

Get important performance alerts whether you’re at the office or on the treadmill. With Databox, you can automate performance alerts for any goal or metric and have them sent directly to your Apple Watch at any frequency you’d like. This way, you’ll never miss important performance trends or updates.

Databox Alerts: changes and updates

The best part? Set up performance alerts and get notified of important trends wherever you view your data.

With Databox, you can set performance alerts for any goal or metric you’re tracking and have them automatically sent via email, the mobile app, Apple Watch, and even Slack at the time and frequency of your choosing.

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Claudio Bedino

“Databox is a powerful tool for tracking data from many sources. We are using a Databoard with charts and numbers from Google Analytics, FB, Twitter and Stripe! Amazing to show on our 50" TV!”

Claudio Bedino, CEO at Starteed

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