Databox Alerts - get notified when your KPI changes

Get performance alerts when they matter most

With Alerts, you can proactively monitor your critical metrics without logging in to anything.

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Alert for any metric changes

Track specific changes to any metric

Create alerts for any metric. Choose from a list of qualifiers (things like “is less than”, “has increased by a number”, “ has decreased by more than a percentage”, and more) so you can get notified when specific changes to critical metrics happen.

Get notified proactively for goals not hit

Get notified ahead of time

Get notified ahead of time when the goals you’ve set are unlikely to be hit, so you can make the necessary adjustments when they matter most.

Alert with related metrics

Get updates on ‘related metrics’ for additional context

Get updates on other metrics related to your Alert for additional context around what you’re seeing. When creating your Alerts, you can choose any ‘related metric’ to be include in the notification. For example, if traffic is down to your website, send data about traffic from each traffic source like organic, referral, direct, social and others that are important to your marketing strategy.

Alerts on all devices, email, Slack, mobile push

Never miss changes in performance

Set your Alerts to come through email, Slack, or through a push notification to your phone via the Databox mobile app. Receive Alerts immediately when they are based on meeting or not meeting specific thresholds. For percent change Alerts, choose the preferred time of day you’d like to receive your alerts. With Alerts, you’ll never miss important changes in your company’s performance.

Databox alerts for whole team

Increase visibility across your team

Add other team members to Alerts so everyone is up-to-date on the latest performance trends.

Set up your first Alert

Choose a data source, connect your data, and start receiving alerts right away.

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