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Databoards are real-time visualizations of your performance, available wherever you are.

Build multi-device dashboards with all your data -- in just a few clicks.

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Databox reporting multiple devices - laptop, desktop, mobile, apple watch, slack

Monitor data from everywhere

View your Databoards anywhere–your desktop, mobile app, Apple Watch, or your office TV. No matter what device you’re using, Databoards are optimized to fit the screen. Whether you want to keep your team up-to-date on the latest performance trends with a wall-mounted TV, or check current performance during your morning workout from your phone, Databoards bring the data to you.

One-click integrations connectors, all KPIs in one place

Pull all of your KPIs into one place

Tired of logging into multiple tools to see how your company is performing? View all of your performance data in one place, so you can spend less time checking data and creating reports and more time acting on insights. Mix and match metrics from different sources in one Databoard and get a more complete view of your performance at a glance.

Databox visualization examples - pie chart distribution, funnel steps

Instantly visualize the most common KPIs

Databox is ranked #1 as the most usable data visualization tool by G2Crowd. Why? We’ve built integrations with 70+ popular tools, created 200+ one-click report templates, and thousands of pre-built metric visualizations so you can quickly visualize your data without any coding, data manipulation or design required.

Visualizing any metric from any source in Databox

Visualize any metric from any data source

Don’t see the metrics you need from one of our integrations or templates? Pull advanced custom metrics from many of our integrations using our Custom Query Builder. You can also create and visualize metrics from any data source by connecting directly to any number of cloud databases, pushing your data in via our API, or through Zapier.

Databox different visualizations

Choose from 18 different types of visualizations

Visualize your data in the ways that make sense to you and your organization. Choose from number blocks, line or bar charts, pie charts or tables, funnels or pipelines, progress or gauge charts, heatmap calendars, leaderboards and more –Databox provides you the flexibility to display data in a variety of ways.

Databox drag-n-drop visualizations builder designer

Build beautiful visualizations, no design skills required

When data is presented well, it’s easier for everyone to understand. With Databox, you can build beautiful dashboards without any design or development skills. The Databox Designer automatically visualizes the data you choose to display in a consistent look and feel of your choosing. With clicks of your mouse, you can add, remove, reorder, and resize metric Datablocks within any Databoard.

Tell the story of your performance right on your Databoards

Metrics by themselves don’t tell the story of your hard work and smart decisions. Use Databox to explain why you’re tracking specific metrics, what you’re doing to improve them and current progress with the following Databoard capabilities:

KPI performance with goals

Share progress to goals. Whether on line charts, number blocks or visualization types designed exclusively for goals like a gauge chart or progress bar, clearly show whether you’re on target. Read more about tracking goals

KPI performance with text datablock

Explain what you’re doing and how it’s working: Add text and images to your Databoards to give further context. Explain what you’re doing to improve specific metrics, upload a visual of the work you produced, or add interpretation of the most recent performance.

KPI performance with annotations

Share wins and address issues: Share your insights by adding annotations directly to the metrics on your Databoard. Did you get a spike in a KPI? Add a note explaining why that happened. Did something break? Explain what you did to fix it.

Present and report your performance easily

Databox makes it easy to present and report your performance internally or externally. Whether you conduct live meetings to review your performance, put together slide decks or produce html reports, Databox has you covered.

Databox performance live dashboard presentation

Present live views of all your data. Using Looped Databoards, you can string together a series of Databoards that provide a complete picture of your performance via a browser or TV. In a browser, use the Looped Databoards as a replacement for presentation slides by controlling when to move from one Databoard to the next. On TV, set an automatic time interval so they automatically scroll.

Use Databox Databoards in slides

Include Databoards in Slide Decks. Need to create a slide deck at the end of the month or quarter? Want to archive your performance every month? Use Scheduled Snapshots to send an email to yourself of a Databoard at the end of every week, month or quarter.

Databox embed databoard in your web page

Embed Databoards into an html page. Need to share other content - like task lists, hours performed or explanations of results - in order to effectively communicate your performance? You can easily embed databoards into an html page using our Embedded Databoards capability.

Organize Databoards with tags

Organize your Databoards for easy discovery

Databoards can be organized and easily discovered through tags, the search function, by author, and data source. Create your own tags to organize your Databoards by department, project, or any other classification you’d like.

Control Databoard access for users in account

Control access to your data

Restrict access to any Databoard (or data source) to specific users in your account. When in display mode, all Databoards use a hashed URL, so the only people who will have access to it are the people you share the link with. You can also add one more layer of protection by setting a password for any Databoard, too.

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Sean Henri

“We’ve leveraged Databoards for our whole reporting and planning process. We use them as the focal point for our conversations with clients and internally for determining our action plans. As a result, our clients are more in tune with their own performance and are empowered to check in on things even before we’re on the phone with them. Not to mention -- we’re definitely spending less time pulling together reports at the end of the month.”

Sean Henri, Founder & CEO at Pepperland Marketing

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