Facebook Ads Campaign Performance Dashboard Template

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What’s the overall engagement of your ad campaigns? Use this Facebook Ads dashboard template to track engagement, click-activity, money spent, and more.

Uses one-click integrations:

  • Facebook Ads Facebook Ads

If you don’t use Facebook Ads, you can pull data from any of our 100+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you can learn from this Facebook Ads Campaign Performance Dashboard Template

With this Facebook Ads campaign performance template, you’ll be able to discover your most popular ads and see which campaigns have the highest ROI. No more guessing which campaigns need adjustments––simply connect your Facebook Ads account and you’ll learn:

  • How are my ad campaigns trending on a daily basis? Track the number of engagements your campaigns receive on a daily basis to ensure you’re on track for hitting your goals and improving over time.
  • What are our highest performance Facebook Ad campaigns? Which campaigns receive the most impressions? Which have a lower cost per click? Measure and compare campaigns so you can make adjustments accordingly.
  • How many clicks do our ads receive? Measure the total number of ad clicks your campaigns are receiving over a given time period and have a better understanding of the content that resonates best with your audience.
  • Are our ad campaigns under or over budget? Easily keep every campaign within budget by monitoring the amount you’ve spent over any given time period. Compare the amount you’re spending to previous periods to measure the growth and efficiency of your program.
  • What are our most cost-efficient ad campaigns? Quickly identify which ad campaigns are driving results at a lower price. This way, you can reallocate budget to your most cost-efficient ad campaigns.
  • How often are people seeing our ads in their news feed? Measure the overall frequency and impressions of your ad campaigns. Compare what you're seeing to previous time periods and track whether your reach is improving with time, and if not, how you can make adjustments to improve it.

Pull additional data using our deep integration with Facebook Ads.

What other campaign metrics can you track and visualize with our integration with Facebook Ads? Almost anything:

  • Individual campaign and ad performance
  • Clicks, downloads, leads, and sales
  • Cost per impression (CPM), click (CPC), and lead (CPL)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Ad spend and overall budget
  • Progress towards your campaign goals, and more

In Databox there are almost 100 Facebook Ads metrics already built and ready for you to visualize in a variety of different ways. With the use of Query Builder and Data Calculations, the range of different metrics and metric combinations you can track from Facebook Ads widens.

Read more about Databox’s Facebook Ads integration.

Facebook Ads Facebook Ads metrics included in this template
  • Clicks (All)

    The Clicks (All) metric on Facebook Ads shows the total number of clicks on an ad, including link clicks, reactions, comments, shares, and more.

  • Impressions

    Impressions refer to the number of times an ad was displayed to a user on a social media platform like Facebook. It does not necessarily mean that the user interacted with the ad, but simply that it was shown to them.

  • Amount Spent

    The Amount Spent metric in Facebook Ads represents the total cost of all clicks, impressions, and other ad interactions that generated charges for your campaign or ad set.

  • Amount Spent by Country
  • Impressions by Ad Set

    Impressions by Ad Set metric tracks the number of times the ads in a particular ad set are displayed to Facebook users. This metric is used to measure the reach and frequency of ad campaigns.

  • Impressions by Campaign

    Impressions by Campaign is a metric that measures how many times an ad was shown on Facebook or Instagram to its target audience. It shows the total number of times an ad was displayed, regardless of whether someone clicked on it or not. This metric is useful in evaluating the reach of a specific campaign and can help in optimizing the ad's targeting and creative elements to increase engagement.

  • Amount Spent by Ad

    Amount spent is a Facebook Ads metric that tracks the total amount of money spent on an ad campaign, ad set or ad during a specified time period. This includes the cost of impressions, clicks, and any other actions taken by users on the ad.

  • Amount Spent by Campaign

    Amount Spent by Campaign indicates the total cost incurred by a specific Facebook ad campaign over a given time period. It shows the amount of money spent on ads, including ad creation, placement, and delivery costs.

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Sometimes, you’ll want to dive deeper into performance. When you need to customize this template (or any other dashboard) to include different metrics, add metrics from different sources, etc., you can do so by using Databox’s Dashboard Designer.

The Designer allows you to easily drag-and-drop metrics and visualizations from any data source right into your dashboard.

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