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New in Databox: Track and Compare LinkedIn Ad Performance by Campaign Groups

Campaign Group metrics for LinkedIn Ads are now available in Databox, giving you more granular insights into the performance of your campaigns.

Monja Dobnik on November 24, 2020 (last modified on December 17, 2021) • 4 minute read

We’ve added new campaign group metrics for LinkedIn Ads in Databox, allowing you to get even more granular into the performance of groups of campaigns you’re running on LinkedIn.

Campaign groups are used by advertisers on LinkedIn to group related campaigns, either by various target audiences, marketing objectives, demographics, etc., together.

By doing so, they can answer questions like:

  • How does campaign engagement differ by region?
  • Which ad type is most effective for various demographics?

Campaign Groups are an organizational tool in your LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager.

They’re accessible on your account’s overview page by selecting the Campaign Groups tab.

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Once you have Campaign Groups set up in your LinkedIn Ads account, you can track and visualize their associated performance in Databox.

In Databox, Campaign Group has been added as a dimension to 11 basic LinkedIn Ads metrics. This means you can go beyond general metrics like impressions and clicks in order to dig into specific things like:

  • Impressions by Campaign Group: So, let’s say you have a campaign group set up for all campaigns launched in the US, and one for all campaigns launched in the UK––you can compare impressions across both campaign groups to see which region is seeing more of your advertisements.
  • Conversions by Campaign Group: Maybe you have a campaign group set up for all of your text ads and one for all of your sponsored InMail ads on LinkedIn. Now, you can measure both of these campaign groups against each other to see which ad type generates more conversions.

Each metric is pre-built, meaning all you have to do is drag-and-drop it into a dashboard and the visualization will populate automatically.


Which LinkedIn Ads Metrics Were Added to Query Builder?

With the 11 new LinkedIn Campaign Groups metrics now available in Databox, you can dig deeper into the performance metrics of your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Here are all 11 New LinkedIn Ads metrics with the Campaign Groups Dimension ready for you to use:

  • Impressions by Campaign Groups
  • Clicks by Campaign Groups
  • Conversions by Campaign Groups
  • Leads by Campaign Groups
  • Engagement by Campaign Groups
  • Social Actions by Campaign Groups
  • Spent by Campaign Groups
  • Avg. CTR by Campaign Groups
  • Avg. Engagement by Campaign Groups
  • Avg. CPC by Campaign Groups
  • Avg. CPM by Campaign Groups

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to set up your Campaign Groups on LinkedIn Ads first. This will allow you to visualize the performance of all of your campaign groups inside of Databox.

Getting Started

If you have any questions or need help getting set up, you can visit our Knowledge Base or send us a message at and let us know which metrics you would like to track.

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