New in Databox: Analyze the Performance of Any Metric or KPI with Metric Insights

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    Whether you’re a leader, manager, or individual contributor, chances are you need to keep a close eye on a handful of key metrics. If you’re the Sales leader, it might be KPIs like Leads, SQLs, and Close Rate. If you’re running paid ads, it might be Total Ad Spend or Cost Per Conversion.

    Of course, you can view these metrics on dashboards and get updates through automated reports. But sometimes you need to take a closer look at a specific metric to understand historical performance, get more context, and get insights that help you improve it. To help provide these insights, we’re rolling out our all-new Metric Insights.

    With Metric Insights, you can now access all the information about a specific metric from one screenGoals, Benchmarks, Forecasts, and more. And use it to monitor your performance, track emerging trends or patterns in your data, set more realistic goals for core KPIs, and ultimately achieve better results.

    All Features

    Metric Insights allows you to drill down and explore your metric and get more context for it. From one screen, you’ll be able to:

    • Analyze your metric’s performance over time using an interactive visualization. And easily switch between chart types to select the view that best suits your needs.
    • Receive automated updates on your metric’s performance, so you always have the latest information.
    • Track goals associated with your metric and monitor your progress towards achieving them.
    • Compare your metric’s performance against general benchmarks to identify areas for improvement.
    • Make more informed decisions about your strategies using the forecasted value.

    How To Access the Metric Insights Page For Your Saved Metrics

    There are a few ways to access Metric Insights: through the metric sub-menu, a metric tooltip, or the My Metrics page. The quickest way is via My Metrics.

    Simply navigate to the Metrics icon in the left-hand sidebar, hover over any saved metric, and click on the View details button. This will redirect you to the Metric Insights page.

    The Metric Insights page can be divided into four sections: Visualization, Metric Comparison, Performance Summaries sidebar, and Goals.

    Visualization: Visualize your metric’s performance.

    At the top of the Metric Insights page, you’ll find an automatically generated visualization, showcasing your metric’s performance over time. You can customize this view by:

    • Adjusting the date range to see how your metric performed during specific periods of interest.
    • Including one or more dimensions to your graph, providing a more detailed and nuanced view of your metric’s performance.

    And, you’re not limited to just one visualization type! With the click of a button, you can switch between a line chart, bar chart, table, and more, to explore the different ways you can visualize your metric’s performance.

    Metric Insights visualization

    Metric Comparison: Compare your metric to Forecasts, Benchmarks, and more.

    Below your chart, you’ll find the Metric Snapshot – featuring three key data points about your metric:

    • Compare period: Compare your metric’s current performance to a specific time in the past. Depending on your plan, you’ll be able to compare it to 1 year ago or 6 months ago.
    • Forecasted value: See where your current metric performance is leading you.
    • Benchmark value: Learn how well you’re doing compared to established standards.
    Metric comparison on the Metric Insights screen

    Performance Summaries Sidebar: Get personalized, actionable insights about your metric.

    In the Performance Summaries sidebar, you’ll find a short yet detailed summary of your metrics performance. So the next time you’re asked questions like “How is this metric doing?” or “What can we do to improve results?”, you’ll know the answers right away.

    In the sidebar, you’ll find:

    • Metric Description: View a brief description of your metric to help you better interpret your results.
    • Performance Insights: Quickly spot key changes in your metric’s performance. See the highest value achieved, the lowest value recorded, the overall average value within the chosen timeframe, and more.
    • Data Summary: Read a concise summary of your metric’s performance to help you quickly understand where you’re at.
    • Recommendations: View up to 10 recommendations that will help you improve your metric’s performance.
    Performance summaries sidebar on the Metric Insights screen

    Goals: Track progress towards your goals.

    If you’ve set a goal for your metric, the Goals section will help simplify progress tracking. Quickly see how close you are to reaching your target so you can stay focused and motivated.

    Goals on the Metric Insights screen

    Learn More About Your Saved Metrics Today

    From visualizing trends to tracking progress towards goals, Metric Insights acts as your central hub for all things metric performance. Gain a deeper understanding of your KPIs and make informed decisions that drive successful results.

    Ready to get started? Simply, log in to your Databox account and navigate to Metrics.

    If you’re new to Databox, getting started is easy. Create a free account and effortlessly connect to 100+ integrations, build custom dashboards, schedule reports, and more – in just a few clicks.

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