New visualizations and more powerful charts

Discover New Ways To Explore Your Data

Explore and visualize your data easier than ever before with new visualizations and more powerful capabilities.

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Transform your data into easy-to-understand insights

Spreadsheets will always have a place in your business, but the right visualization helps you understand performance better. That’s why we’ve added 5 new visualizations to our library – Radial Progress, Bubble Charts, Data Story, Spiderweb Diagram, and Horizontal Bar chart.

Understand the relationship between different metrics

Compare up to 15 metrics in one visualization to see how they relate to each other. For example, see how an increase in website traffic changes conversion rate and user engagement over time.

Make your data easier to read

Change the color of individual metrics to help viewers understand your data better. Or match your charts to your company’s branding.

Easily find the best visualization for your metric

Whether it’s switching from a bar chart to a line graph or a pie chart, you can quickly experiment with different charts to choose the one that best communicates your insights.

Introducing Our New Visualization Types

Explore metric relationships, compare time periods, uncover opportunities, and more.


Radial Progress

See how your goals are progressing within a specific project at a glance.

Spiderweb Diagram

Quickly spot patterns and anomalies in your data.

Horizontal Bar Chart

Easily identify top-performing categories

Bubble Chart

Pinpoint correlations between your metrics and dimensions.

Data Stories

Get an easy-to-read text summary about how your metric is performing.

Important Changes To Your Databox Dashboards

By the end of November, all dashboards will be transitioned to the new charts. As a result of this update, we are deprecating some existing visualizations and replacing them with more powerful charts. Here’s the list of visualization types that are no longer supported and what we will transition them to:

Advanced Tables and Interval charts will be merged into a more powerful Table visualization.

You’ll still have access to all the capabilities of the Advanced Tables, and we’ve added even more functionality to help you gain deeper insights from your data.

Multi-tab visualization will be replaced by our new Line and Bar visualization.

The new visualization type will allow you to add up to 15 metrics on a single chart, making it easier than ever to compare and analyze your data at a glance.

Compare visualization will be transitioned to the new Number visualization.

With the Number visualization, you can quickly compare up to 15 metrics side-by-side.

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