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    Investing in company culture is something we have been seeing pop up for a while now, but it became much more visible in the past two years due to an increasing number of people deciding to change careers or look for new job opportunities due to the pandemic. What’s surprising is that many organizations still neglect nurturing a relationship with their team and clearly defining their company culture. Are they missing out on an opportunity to strengthen employee satisfaction and better their employer reputation? We think so.

    Here at Databox, we have recently put a lot of time and effort into outlining our values and strengthening our company culture, not just to increase employee satisfaction and attract new hires but because we believe it is the right thing to do. We feel it is important to let our team members know that they matter and are here for reasons other than simply getting the job done – to grow their careers and significantly contribute to our joint mission.

    Why investing in company culture matters

    While company branding mostly focuses on how the company is perceived from the outside, branding a company’s culture focuses on existing (and future) team members and how they see the company as a (potential) employer. Let’s take a closer look at why this should matter to management.

    First, creating a strong company culture affects how a team is perceived, which ties closely to recruitment. Research has shown that today’s job seekers are attracted to companies that are not just financially successful but also culturally attractive. That being said, employer branding can serve as an opportunity to showcase who you are to the people looking from the outside.

    Second, it affects how a team identifies themselves – as problem solvers, experts, or innovators for example. Part of that process is coming up with a creative team name or nickname that can help unite team members, foster collaboration, and even help individuals grow.

    Elevating employer branding using a team nickname

    Sports franchises have figured out the importance of clever team names long ago, so it comes as no surprise that many companies have also started using team nicknames to elevate their employer branding and encapture team spirit (e.g. Amazonians, Zappoians, Toasters, Tweeps, Pinloyees, Googlers, etc.). Using a custom phrase to address team members is a great way to build a sense of belonging, internalize company values, and communicate the company culture. On the other hand, it allows a company to attract like-minded individuals outside of the organization.

    We’ve also jumped on that bandwagon at Databox by identifying ourselves as Databox Playmakers. The term Playmakers came to us naturally and we all mutually agreed it best describes our way of work, our values, and our work relationships. Of course, simply naming our team is only a small part of employer branding, but it does embrace the shared values and desired behaviors that represent the core of our culture. What makes this truly powerful is everyone in our organization buying into the values and beliefs that were ‘put on paper’ by management.

    The mistakes to avoid

    Here’s what we were conscious about when defining our company culture and communicating with our team.

    1. Using the term “employee”
      The term “employee” can often imply an “us and them” feeling of division in relation to management, which is why we try to use it as seldom as possible at Databox. Besides, it just doesn’t accurately describe the passionate individuals who make up our team. We don’t just want to hire people to do “a job” – we’re on a mission here.

    2. Branding our workplace as “family”
      Many companies go for the family-centered approach, where their culture and relationships mirror those you find within a family context. Yes, team members can feel like family, but we rather see them as ‘professionals that share the same purpose’, much like a sports team. This is why we focus more on creating a balanced culture that promotes a culture of collectivism, belonging, and shared values, while clearly outlining a performance-driven aspect.

    Why we’ve chosen Databox Playmakers

    At the end of the day, we want to represent ourselves in a way that reflects our spirit and how we work and grow as a team.

    Before landing on Databox Playmakers, we contemplated other expressions as well. But if we take a closer look at the leadership principles and the established value set that drives our work, communication, team growth, and hiring strategy, it seems like the perfect spin was right in front of us.

    Here’s why: a well-known sports analogy describes a playmaker as a skillful player and an important part of each team that helps them score during games. It describes someone who is often an inspiration and the driving force of the team, respected for their vision, technique, creativity, and ability.

    Much like in professional sports, we are building our dream team at Databox and we want the best playmakers possible in every position. The name is a perfect combination of individual qualities and strengths paired with team spirit and teamwork.

    Additionally, branding the word ‘Playmaker’ in combination with the company name communicates the set of desired behaviors and values derived from team sports where each member has an active role in achieving the common goal. Some of our values that align with that include “playing as a team”, “being accountable”, and “challenging ourselves”, which all relate to setting common goals and working towards them while trying to put our best foot forward in all we do. We are also focused on a team-first mentality, investing in talent and leading by example.

    This name represents a purpose-driven culture that supports an entire organization’s modus operandi. Additionally, it’s a way to identify the right hires who will contribute to the growth of our company in a way we envision.

    Considering all of the above, the description below best describes our team – Databox Playmakers:

    Databox Playmakers are skillful team contributors with a customer-first attitude, a strong sense of ownership, problem-solving abilities, and a goal-driven mentality that proactively seek opportunities to create value and aim to win as a team.

    But enough about us. Now it’s time for you to think about how you perceive company culture in your current workplace or what kind of environment you would like to be part of in the future. We would love to hear your feedback.

    By the way, we’re currently hiring, in case you’re interested. Hop on our website to learn more about our values and culture or check out our open positions.

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