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Front is a collaborative email management platform that helps teams efficiently manage their inboxes, enabling seamless communication, clear delegation of tasks, and streamlined workflow. It allows users to access shared inboxes, assign emails, and collaborate in real-time, improving teamwork and productivity.

Track and analyze your customer messages from Front.

Front is a shared inbox app that gives your team access to the messages, apps, and contacts needed to get the work done. It eliminates extra steps in your processes like emailing about an email, reduces duplicated messages, and provides visibility across inboxes, so everyone is always informed about everything.

Connect Front to Databox and track and analyze all of your customer messages in one place. Track performance from Front alongside metrics from other data sources your business is using to build comprehensive reports that are viewable from anywhere.

You can get started syncing your Front data using one of our third-party integrationss, including Zapier, Integromat, or Databox API.

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