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Ahrefs is a leading SEO tool for competitive analysis, keyword research, and backlink analysis. It helps businesses improve their website's visibility in search engines and track competitors' online performance.

Drive More Traffic & Improve Your Content Quality by Using Ahrefs & Databox.

Ahrefs is an SEO software tool that many digital marketing analysts rely on to improve content quality. Whether it’s using it for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, or URL rankings, Ahrefs helps create a perfect content strategy.

By using Ahrefs with Databox, you’ll always stay on top of your content quality. By being able to track your Ahrefs data right alongside all the KPIs from Google Analytics, HubSpot Marketing, Salesforce, and many more, you can quickly draw correlations between all your efforts and achievements.

Get started in minutes. Connect your Ahrefs account and choose from the metrics below to create a new dashboard or add to an existing one. Or you can just download any of the pre-built Ahrefs dashboard templates below. They all come with pre-built metrics and visualizations – no design or coding required.

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