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X (Twitter) Ads is a platform for businesses to promote their products or services through targeted and engaging advertisements on Twitter, maximizing reach and engagement with a worldwide audience.

Track all your Twitter social media advertising KPIs.

Twitter Ads lets you promote your Tweets and run ad campaigns.

With Databox, track the performance of your Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads alongside performance data from your other important marketing and sales tools. Connect your Twitter Ads account to build custom reporting dashboards and instantly monitor it all on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display, and Slack.

Get started in minutes by using one of our templates below, or by adding any of the metrics listed below to a dashboard of your own design.

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        API Details

        Metric Builder

        • Metric builder available
        • Which Campaigns can Databox pull from X (Twitter) Ads?

          Due to an API limitation, Databox can only fetch data for Campaigns from X (Twitter) Ads API for which the effective status is ‘active’. For Campaigns that are not active no data will be displayed on Databoards (e.g. for ‘Paused’ or ‘Halted’ campaign statuses).
          Additionally, for all Campaign metric data is fetched for the 100 most recently updated Campaigns in X (Twitter) Ads.

        • Hourly granularity is not supported for X (Twitter) Ads metrics in Databox

          Due to API limitations, hourly granularity is not supported for the X (Twitter) Ads metrics. This may affect visualization options for Charts in Databox.
          For example, if an X (Twitter) Ads metric is used on a Line or Bar Chart with ‘Yesterday’ Date Range selected, hourly data will not be displayed on the Chart.
          However, the Big number above the Chart will accurately reflect the metric value for the selected Date Range.
          Learn more about Granularity here.

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