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Teamwork is the collaborative effort of individuals with complementary skills, working towards a common goal. It involves effective communication, coordination, and mutual respect, leading to enhanced problem-solving, productivity, and overall success.

Track projects from start to finish and increase the productivity of your team.

Teamwork offers flexibility, combined with the intuitive features the app offers mean your team will not only become better collaborators but they will massively increase their productivity on a daily basis.

With Databox, your most important Teamwork KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display or Slack channels. One of the key benefits of Databox is the ability to combine multiple data sources in one place. Be on top of your projects, take actions, remain organized and stay in control of a complex project management process.

Custom reports available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

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        API Details

        Metric Builder

        • Metric builder available
        • Tabs
          Time Tracking Tasks
        • Teamwork Pagination and Rate limits

          Teamwork integration has the following fixed limits for syncing data:

          • Rate limit: 150 requests per minute.
          • Task limit: 250 items per page, up to 10 pages (2,500 items total).
          • Other items: 500 items per page, up to 10 pages (5,000 items total).

          If your Teamwork metric contains more data than these limits allow, it may result in partial syncing and data discrepancies (inaccurate values in Databox).

          If you are interested in increasing these limits, please contact Databox Support ( to see what can be done.

        • Teamwork metrics specifications

          Teamwork Inverted metrics (metrics where a low value indicates positive development and a high value indicates negative development) are:

          • Tasks Overdue

          Teamwork ‘No reset’ metrics (metrics that are not reset to value 0 with every new day) are:

          • Active Projects
          • Tasks Overdue

          Teamwork Non-Aggregatable metrics (due to the nature of these metrics, summing daily/weekly/monthly values will not give correct results for longer time periods) are:

          • Active Projects
          • Tasks Overdue
        • Teamwork Data Source disconnected due to SSL certificate issues

          To ensure secure requests, both Databox and the API provider must have valid SSL certificates. If there are issues with the Data Source setup or user permissions, the API request will fail, causing the Teamwork connection to disconnect.

          In such cases please verify that your SSL certificate is valid and certified by an official authority. You can check this in Postman by making a request to the Teamwork API or contact the Databox Support team for assistance (

        • How to use Date Filters for Tasks in Metric Builder for Teamwork

          In the Task object within Teamwork Metric Builder, you can select a wide range of Date Ranges depending on the selected date filter (Due Date or Completed Date). The chosen Date Range acts as a filter to determine which tasks will be synced. For example, if the Completed Date is set to ‘This Week,’ the metric will return the total number of tasks completed this week up to the current day. This Date Range is different from the Date Range used for visualization of the metric on the dashboard.

          If you choose a different Date Range on a dashboard (for example ‘Last Month’) for a metric created using ‘This Week’ as a filter, the values displayed will reflect the total number of tasks completed that were synced for the current week at that time.

        • How much historical data is synced when a Teamwork metric is first used in Databox?

          When a Teamwork metric is first used in Databox, 36 months of historical data is initially synced.

          Certain metrics may have more or less historical data available. For example, Total metrics like ‘Active Projects’ or ‘Task Overdue’ do not have historical data available from before their first use in Databox. Similarly, Custom metrics created with Metric Builder may or may not have historical data, depending on the specific metric and its type. Some metrics will have a certain amount of historical data, while others may have none prior to their initial use.

        • ‘Contains’ operator is not available for all fields in the Teamwork Metric Builder under Filters section

          The API structure restricts filtering data for some fields to specific operators. Certain fields can only be filtered using True/False, Billable/Non-Billable, or Equal/Does Not Equal criteria.

          Fields that can be queried using the ‘Contains’ operator include:

          • Task item name
          • Parent task name
          • Invoice number
          • Description

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