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Pardot is a comprehensive marketing automation software by Salesforce that enables businesses to streamline and automate their marketing efforts, including lead management, email campaigns, social media marketing, and analytics, all in one user-friendly platform.

Track and analyze your marketing and sales automation from Pardot.

Pardot is a marketing automation platform from Salesforce. It offers three pillars of B2B sales in one place: email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management. 

Connect Pardot with Databox and monitor all of your lead generation, email nurturing, and sales automation efforts in one place. One of the key benefits of Databox is that it allows you to combine multiple data sources in one place and view them anytime, anywhere. This will help you maximize the impact of your efforts, take action, remain organized, and stay in control of complex marketing and sales processes.

Get started in minutes. Connect your Salesforce Pardot account and choose from any of the metrics below to create a new dashboard or add to an existing one. Looking for the easiest way to set it up? We recommend downloading the pre-built Salesforce Pardot dashboard template below. This template comes pre-built with popular metrics and visualizations –no design or coding needed.

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