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Outreach is a proactive approach to connecting with individuals or groups, typically for a specific purpose, such as education, support, or promotion, aimed at increasing engagement, spreading awareness, and fostering meaningful interactions.

Track the progress of your sales prospecting efforts.

Outreach.io is a leading sales engagement platform, helping salesĀ  teams personalize, prioritize and analyze sales activities. With sales sequences, sales dialer software and sales email tracking, sales teams can orchestrate multi-touchpoint prospecting campaigns across email, voice andĀ  social.

With Databox, track your most important prospecting metrics alongside performance data from your other important marketing and sales tools. Connect your Outreach account to build custom reporting dashboards and instantly monitor it all on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display, and Slack.

Get started in minutes by using one of our templates below, or by adding any of the metrics listed below to a dashboard of your own design.

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