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Eventbrite is an online platform that enables individuals and organizations to create, promote and sell tickets for events. It provides an easy-to-use system for event management, ticketing, and registration, helping both hosts and attendees have a seamless event experience.

Track the progress of your event promotion and registration efforts.

Eventbrite is the undisputed leader for online registrations of events + much, much more. From music festivals and conventions to dinners and classes, Eventbrite allows you to create an event page with built-in payment processing, analytics, and marketing tools.

With Databox, track your most important event marketing and registration metrics alongside performance data from your other important marketing and sales tools. Connect your Eventbrite account to build custom reporting dashboards and instantly monitor it all on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display, and Slack.

Get started in minutes by using one of our templates below, or by adding any of the metrics listed below to a dashboard of your own design.

Custom reports available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

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        • Not all Events are listed when connecting Eventbrite to Databox

          Each Eventbrite connection in Databox is designed to sync data for one specific event from Eventbrite. During the connection process in Databox, the initial listing will display the first 200 events in descending order from the most recent to the oldest. If you have more than 200 events in your Eventbrite account or if the Event you wish to connect is not listed, please contact the support team at help@databox.com.

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