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Appfigures is a comprehensive analytics platform for mobile app developers and publishers. It provides data insights, competitive analysis, and performance tracking to optimize app store presence, downloads, and revenue.

Track and visualize 150+ metrics from your mobile apps with Appfigures in Databox

Appfigures is an insights and analytics platform for mobile apps.

By connecting this integrations to your Databox account, you will be able to access new and insightful integrationss, get more valuable data from your apps. Besides expanding the list of available app stores and metrics you can report on, the Appfigures integrations will make it possible to once again visualize data from App Store Connect in Databox.

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        API Details

        Metric Builder

        • Metric builder available
        • Reporting on the data for the entire Appfigures App is not possible through a single connection

          When connecting Appfigures to Databox the User should select:

          • One Active User from the list
          • One Store (Apple, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Windows 10, Steam)
          • One App (i.e. Product)

          It is not possible to select multiple Apps, Stores, or Users. Databox will only retrieve reports for the selected User, Store, and App. In order to report on multiple Apps, Stores, or Users, each of these should be connected separately as a new Data Source connection.

          The optimal method to gather data from the entire Appfigures Account is by creating Calculated Metrics that aggregate data from individual Apps, which have to be separately connected to Databox.

        • List of Non-Aggregatable Metrics for the Appfigures integration

          A number of metrics for the Appfigures integration are Non-Aggregatable (this includes corresponding dimensions by Company). This means that due to the nature of these metrics, summing daily/weekly/monthly values will not give correct results for longer time periods.

          These metrics are:

          • All Active Subscriptions
          • Active Subscriptions
          • Paying Subscriptions
          • Net Revenue
          • MRR
          • Gross MRR
          • Churn
          • First Year Subscribers
          • Non First Year Subscribers
          • Active Discounted Subscriptions
          • Active Trials
          • New Trials
          • Cancelled Trials
          • Transitions in
          • Transitions out
          • Cancelled Subscriptions
          • New Subscriptions
          • Trial Conversions
          • Reactivations
          • Renewals
          • Active Grace
          • New Grace
          • Grace Expired
          • Grace Recovery
          • New Trial Grace
          • Trial Grace Expired
          • Trial Grace Recovery
          • Ads Revenue
          • Ads Requests
          • Ads Impressions
          • Ads ECPM
          • Ads Fillrate
          • Ads CTR
          • Ads Requests Filled
          • Ad Campaign Installs
          • Ad Campaign Cost
          • Ad Campaign CPC
          • Ad Campaign CPA
          • Ad Campaign CTR
        • Granularity Restrictions for Appfigures metrics

          Due to API limitations, hourly and quarterly granularities are not supported for Appfigures metrics.

          This may affect the visualization of data in Databox. For example, if an Appfigures metric is used on a Line or Bar Chart with ‘Yesterday’ Date Range selected, hourly data won’t be displayed on the Chart. However, the big number above the Chart will accurately reflect the Metric value for the selected Date Range.

        • Certain Metrics are not supported for all Stores

          Ads metrics, Ads Spend metrics and Estimates metrics are not available for Windows Store, Amazon Store, and Stream integrations.
          Additionally, Subscription metrics are not available for Steam integration.

        Track all of your key business metrics from one screen