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Matomo is a web analytics platform that offers an open-source alternative to Google Analytics. It provides comprehensive insights into website traffic, user behavior, and conversions, while prioritizing data privacy and ownership.

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        • Potential data discrepancy issue with Matomo Custom metrics

          When filters are used in creating Custom metrics in Databox (combination of multiple filters or conditions in Matomo Metric Builder), Matomo Custom metrics might show data discrepancy in Databox. This is because some segments would require to have the same setup in Databox as in Matomo Segment User Interface. However, those kinds of setups result in an error on Databox side, with a status object displayed describing this behavior.

          For example, filtering for Event Category of A or B at the same time will not give the expected result, which is a sum of category A and category B values. Instead, Databox will show fewer values, or even a 0. So the logic behind filtering differs between Matomo and Databox.

          Because of this, it is recommended to duplicate the setup in Matomo and compare it to the values Databox is showing in order to confirm that the values Databox is showing are indeed what Matomo is displaying on segment level.

        • Missing values for certain dimensions

          Due to an API limitation, Databox can retrieve up to (top) 100 custom dimensions. Learn more about this in Matomo official documentation here.

          Dimensions that do not have any values associated with them (values equal to 0) are not in the top 100 based on unique page views, therefore those dimensions are not retrieved via API. As a workaround, it can be checked with Matomo Support team if there is any option to export such data into .CSV or Excel files.

          Data sets exported into a .CSV file can then be imported into a Google Sheets file and then this file can be connected to Databox account and used for Custom metric creation.

        • Custom dimensions from Matomo are not available in Matomo Metric Builder in Databox

          Matomo offers many different modules from which Databox can pull data, but Custom Dimensions is not one of them. The custom dimensions are therefore not supported in Matomo Metric Builder.

          Request for Matomo custom dimensions can be upvoted on the public Databox Roadmap page here:

        • Error message ‘Something went wrong whilst connecting. Please reconnect your account.’ when connecting Matomo Data Source

          In order to connect Matomo Data Source successfully, an actual domain of Matomo (website) account must be entered instead of the Matomo website domain.

          Domain of Matomo (website) account can be found by following these steps:

            • Login to your Matomo Account and copy the URL from your login page.
            • The URL will look similar to ‘‘. Copy only the URL’s Domain name:  “”.
            • Paste the Domain name (e.g., in the Databox’s Activation window.

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