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ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that simplifies email list management and automation. It offers intuitive tools for creating personalized emails, segmenting subscribers, and automating campaigns. Perfect for entrepreneurs and creators looking to engage their audience and grow their business.

Track email list growth and overall engagement.

ConvertKit is an email service provider designed to help you build your audience. Its email editing and automation workflow are seamlessly easy to use. As the number of your subscribers grows, you’re able to organize them into segments and create more personalized campaigns based on that data. It’s an email service that is targeted towards bloggers and other content creators.

With Databox, you can easily monitor email marketing efforts, spot trends, and make adjustments if need be. With the ability to build comprehensive reports that also include metrics from other data sources, you’re able to focus your time on improving your content, optimizing emails, and growing your subscriber list.

You can easily sync ConvertKit data with Databox using one of our third-party integrationss, including Zapier, Integromat, or the Databox API.


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