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Marketo is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that enables businesses to streamline marketing campaigns, nurture leads, analyze customer data, and drive revenue growth through personalized and targeted messaging.

Intelligently analyze and adjust your marketing automation strategy with Adobe Marketo and Databox.

Adobe Marketo is a scalable and collaborative marketing automation platform that enables you to build, measure, and improve marketing workflows to capture, engage, and nurture new and existing leads. While Marketo has excellent performance dashboards on its own, your clients and teams might also be interested in a combined view of results from additional platforms, like Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, or Outreach.

With Databox, you can create dashboards of your Marketo campaigns and activities combined with performance metrics from other data sources and applications – all in one comprehensive set of dashboards, scorecards, and snapshots. You can instantly monitor your dashboards on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, Tv display, and Slack. Databox also allows you to set goals and email alerts for your most important KPIs, so that you can quickly assess progress and make adjustments to meet or exceed your goals.

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        API Details

        Metric Builder

        • Metric builder available
        • Which Marketo campaigns are available to connect to Databox?

          Due to the issue with long response time from Marketo API when filtering is applied, Databox applies pagination (breaking up a large set of data into smaller, more manageable chunks or pages when retrieving data from a server) to obtaining data from Marketo.
          Due to long response time on the API, list of campaigns that get displayed when connecting Marketo to Databox is limited to two pages of the API response.
          Campaign data is sorted by the updated time, so recent updates will appear on the list. The list of campaigns that are available to connect includes campaign IDs and only active campaigns are displayed.

          Occasionally a timeout might still occur during the connection process, meaning the connection flow stops and a red error message might pop up in the bottom left corner. This occurs when all data is not received in the expected timeframe from the Marketo API. If this occurs, the only solution is to retry connecting the Data Source.

        • What Marketo permissions do users need to connect Marketo to Databox?

          In order to access data from the Marketo API, users need to create a user with ‘RestApi User’ role In Marketo. If Marketo is connected in Databox with a user that only has an Admin role, data will not sync between Marketo and Databox.

          If the user does not have the appropriate permissions when they initially connect Marketo, they will need to reconnect the Marketo Data Source once their permissions have been updated.

          More information on how to create a user and assign a role is available here.

        • Limit of 1,000 pages (API calls) per sync for Marketo metrics in Databox

          For one complete sync, Databox makes 7 API calls to Marketo. This amounts to 168 API calls per day, assuming there is not an excessive amount of data in the Marketo account.

          Once the Marketo account exceeds 300 emails, Databox begins to paginate data to retrieve all of it. For example, if an account contains 3,000 emails, we make 10 API calls to sync all relevant data. Please note that we have a maximum limit of 1,000 pages (API calls) per sync.

        • How to connect Marketo campaigns to Databox

          Due to an API limitation on Marketo’s side, each Marketo campaign needs to be connected as a separate Data Source in Databox. While the Marketo API supports retrieving all data regardless of the campaign, the number of requests required for combining data from multiple campaigns in one Data Source connection would significantly increase in comparison to syncing data for one campaign. The increase could prevent proper syncing of the data.

        • All Marketo metrics in Databox are non-aggregatable, no-reset metrics

          All Marketo metrics available in Databox are non-aggregatable Metrics. This means that due to the nature of these metrics, summing daily/weekly/monthly values will not give correct results for longer time periods.
          Additionally, all Marketo metrics available in Databox are no-reset metrics. No-reset metrics are not reset to value 0 with every new day.

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