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Moz is a leading SEO software provider, offering tools for keyword research, site analysis, link building, and more. It helps businesses improve their online visibility and increase organic traffic to their websites.

Measure your domain’s strength and overall crawlability

Moz allows you to measure whether your page is easy crawlable. It also shows where your domain carries authority with search engines.

With Databox, your most important Moz KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display or Slack channels. One of the key benefits of Databox is the ability to combine multiple data sources in one place. This will help your team stay on top of the important metrics that drive search ranking and traffic.

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        • Which MOZ plans have API access?

          MOZ has two subscription types available – one is for the MOZ product and the other is for API access. In order to access data for all metrics for MOZ, a paid MOZ product plan + a paid API plan is necessary.

          Certain MOZ metrics are only available on specific API plans. If you do not have the appropriate API access level, no data will be returned for the metric.

          Users on a paid MOZ product plan have access to Free API. Free API will not return data for all MOZ metrics. Learn more about the data that is accessible via the Free MOZ API here.

        • How often do MOZ metrics sync?

          All MOZ Data Sources will sync once a day with Databox. Learn more here.

          Data is synced in UTC time zone.

        • How much historical data is available when you first start using MOZ metrics in Databox?

          When you first start using a MOZ Data Source metric in Databox, no historical is initially synced.

          Once the MOZ metric is actively used and syncing data with no interruption periods, we store the synced data in our own database. This allows us to accumulate data over time and down the road you are able to report on historical MOZ data from the date when the given metric was first used in Databox. Learn more here.

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