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Copper is a reddish-brown metallic element, symbol Cu, known for its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It has high corrosion resistance, making it popular for wiring, plumbing, and electrical applications. Additionally, copper is commonly used in construction, industrial machinery, and as a component in various alloys.

Improve your pipeline efficiency and quality with data-driven dashboards.

Copper is a CRM productivity tool designed for companies who need a better way to manage leads and grow customer relationships. It imports information directly from the G-Suite line of products. Copper automatically logs your emails and other interactions to the right CRM contact, doing much of the heavy lifting for you.

With Databox, you can track all your contacts, leads, and opportunities and report on them in compelling dashboards. You can stay on top of your sales pipeline, as your most important Copper KPIs will be displayed, allowing you to gain meaningful insights and deliver results to your mobile devices, Apple Watch, TV display, or Slack channels. By combining multiple data sources in one place, you and your team can operate more efficiently and view sales and marketing data in new ways.

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