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Calendly is an intuitive scheduling and appointment management tool that helps individuals and teams effortlessly coordinate meetings, set availability preferences, and eliminate the back-and-forth of scheduling. It seamlessly integrates with popular calendar platforms and enables hassle-free event registration and reminders.

The easiest way to monitor and keep track of all your team’s sales meetings.

Calendly is simple yet very effective scheduling software. You need to set your availability preference, share your link with your clients, team, etc. and let them pick a time that works for them. Calendly will automatically add their choice into your calendar, including their phone and email tags. It integrates with Google, Office 365, and Outlook, and checks all calendars for conflicts to avoid confusion and double-booking.

Take your Calendly KPIs tracking to the next level with Databox. Quickly identify the number of meetings booked, canceled, even rescheduled with meaningful visualizations, and have more time to accelerate your sales and improve service quality. You’ll be able to maximize your efficiency and streamline your management process with the ability to track performance from multiple data sources in one place and view meaningful dashboards from any device.

Get started tracking your Calendly data in Databox in minutes. You can connect Calendly with Databox by using one of our third-party integrations to sync your data with Databox using Zapier, Integromat, or the Databox API.

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