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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform that helps businesses track user behavior, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions. It offers powerful features for event tracking, funnel analysis, user segmentation, and A/B testing, providing insights to optimize product performance, engagement, and conversion rates.

Understand how customers use your app, wherever you are.

Mixpanel is one of the most advanced mobile & web analytics. It gives you the ability to easily measure what people are doing in your app on iOS, Android, and web. Mixpanel allows you to find out where to focus your energy while building your product.

With Databox, your most important Mixpanel KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display or Slack channels. One of the key benefits of Databox is the ability to combine multiple data sources in one place. This will help your team stay on top of important metrics that drive your business.

Custom reports available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

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        API Details

        Metric Builder

        • Metric builder available
        • Tabs
          Segmentation Explore Funnels Retention Multisegmentation
        • Potential issues with creating Mixpanel Custom Metrics

          At the end of 2023, Mixpanel increased their API rate limits from 400 to 60 API requests per hour. This can lead to prolonged syncing and to prolonged time required to create Custom Metrics with the Mixpanel Metric Builder in Databox. Learn more about this here.

        • Mixpanel Metric Builder in Databox does not support ‘List’ type

          Mixpanel Metric Builder in Databox supports only ‘String’, ‘Boolean’, ‘Number’ and ‘Date’ types. Due to multidimensional results returned via Mixpanel API, the ‘List’ type is not supported.

        • Missing custom properties for events in the Mixpanel Metric Builder

          Mixpanel API does not provide custom properties for events. Custom properties exist only in the Mixpanel Modeling layer, meaning data on them can only be obtained through a User Interface based API request. Any raw export or lower level API request would not include custom properties.

        • Incorrect total values for Custom metrics built with Mixpanel Metric Builder (Segmentation) when using Custom Date Range

          Due to an API limitation, Databox syncs daily unique values for Custom metrics built with Mixpanel Metric Builder (Segmentation) and then sums together those daily unique values for total values of longer Custom Date Ranges.

          This is a workaround, because Databox cannot sync the correct unique value for the whole Custom Date Range, except for ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’ periods, so discrepancies are possible for overall value of a Custom metric in such scenarios.

        • How much historical data is synced with the Mixpanel Metric Builder (Custom Metrics)?

          For metrics created with the Mixpanel Metric Builder (Custom metrics of non-current metric types) 24 months of historical data is initially synced.

        • Custom Events from Mixpanel cannot be reported on with Basic metrics in Databox – instead, use Custom metrics

          Mixpanel’s API does not return any data on Custom Events via Basic Metrics in Databox. In order to report on Custom Events, create a Custom metric for Mixpanel using the Metric Builder – select Custom Event as the Event in the Metric Builder for Mixpanel. This will expose the Custom Event ID field. Here, you can directly enter the Custom Event ID.

        • A property not available in the Mixpanel Metric Builder

          It can occur that when using the Mixpanel Metric Builder, the relevant property cannot be found. This is because different tabs in the Mixpanel Metric Builder will provide different properties.

          Depending on the property type in the Mixpanel account that needs to be located, it is recommended to use the following tabs in Databox Metric Builder:

          • ‘Segmentation tab’ – sync the data based on the ‘event’ property;
          • ‘Explore tab’ – sync the data based on the ‘profile’ property;
          • ‘Funnel tab’ – can be used to combine data based on both types of properties (event and profile). In this case, the funnel has to be created in Mixpanel account before being used in the Metric Builder.
        • Error message ‘Payment required’ displayed for Mixpanel in Databox

          Mixpanel API calls might be blocked due to reached API free quota limit on free Mixpanel plans. In such case, the Mixpanel Data Source in Databox will be placed into the reconnect status with the following error:

          • Payment required – We cannot sync your Mixpanel data, because API reported “Your account is blocked because payment is required”. Solve the issue with your Mixpanel account, then reconnect this data source to sync the data.

          In order to resolve this error, accounts on a free Mixpanel plan can either purchase a paid plan to regain access, or regain access to Mixpanel when the limit resets the following month. Learn more about this here.

          In both cases, the Mixpanel Data Source in Databox will need to be reconnected after the cause for the error is addressed.

        • Error message ‘Invalid Project for Cluster’ displayed in Databox

          Error message ‘Invalid Project for Cluster’ usually appears on Databoards due to one of the following reasons:

          • Incorrect base URL set for the project in Mixpanel. For example, if the project is Europe based, the URL address should be set as
          • Deleted funnel or deleted project in the connected Mixpanel account. In order to fix this issue, the existing query (Custom metric) should be edited or a new custom query (Custom metric) should be created.
        • ‘API calls are not allowed’ or ‘Temporary sync delays’ errors displayed when attempting to connect or reconnect Mixpanel Data Source in Databox

          Databox requires ‘Data Pipelines’ feature enabled in the Mixpanel plan of the connected Mixpanel Data Source. This feature can be enabled on Plan Builder website here, (‘Add’ button on the Data Pipelines section and then click Continue). The process should be repeated if needed in order for the feature to be enabled.

          These are the full versions of errors that can appear if the ‘Data Pipelines’ feature is not enabled in Mixpanel:

          • ‘API calls are not allowed – Your Mixpanel plan does not allow API calls. Upgrade at, then reconnect your Mixpanel data source to sync your data.’
          • ‘Temporary sync delay – We couldn’t successfully pull your data this time due to an internal application error. We will resume pulling your data as soon as possible.’

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