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Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses engage with their customers through personalized email campaigns, SMS marketing, and other digital channels. It provides advanced analytics and segmentation tools to drive growth and increase customer loyalty.

Maximize your ecommerce sales by intelligently analyzing and adjusting your ecommerce strategy with Klaviyo and Databox

Klaviyo excels at quickly deploying super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing for e-commerce companies. Use their powerful segmentation and out-of-the-box integrationss– with an e-commerce platform, point-of-sale software, and other popular marketing tools– to grow your sales.

With Databox, recreate the brilliant transaction and revenue reporting you’re used to seeing in Klaviyo and put it alongside performance metrics from both Databox’s and Klaviyo’s integrationss. Both Databox and Klaviyo work hard to make simple-to-setup integrationss that bring you the data you need to make smarter marketing decisions.

Connect your Klaviyo account to build custom reporting dashboards and instantly monitor it all on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display, and Slack.

Get started in minutes by using one of our templates below, or creating a dashboard of your own design by adding any of the metrics listed below or by creating your own metric using Databox’s Metric Builder for Klaviyo.

Custom reports available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

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