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Facebook is not only the largest social network, it can also help you reach all of the people who matter most to your business.

With Databox, your most important Facebook KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display or Slack channels. This will help you find out what’s working, so you can maximize the impact of every post and ad.

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        • Random sub-page is automatically connected while connecting a Facebook Page Data Source to Databox

          This behavior can occur in a specific scenario: the user connecting the Facebook Pages Data Source has access to multiple Facebook Pages, but due to lack of necessary permissions in all of them but one, Databox would automatically connect that remaining one without input from the user. If that is the case, the user should check if they have the necessary permissions for connection (Admin or Editor Page Role) on the other Pages.

        • Missing data for all Post-related metrics

          The ‘Maximum Posts’ limitation on Meta API dictates that API will return approximately 600 ranked, published posts per year.
          If a Post is missing in a Post-related metric in Databox, it could be because its rank is below the set limitation.
          Information on this limitation is available in the Meta for Developers document here, in the Limitations section.

        • Facebook Pages Data Source disconnected with error message ‘Password changed’

          Facebook Data Sources may get disconnected in Databox with the error message ‘We cannot make Facebook API calls on your behalf, since you’ve changed password or Facebook has revoked permissions for security reasons. Please re-authorise your Facebook account.’, even if the password has not been changed on the Facebook account.

          This is a result of how Facebook is handling potential security issues, for example, if users from different geolocations log into the same account or if different devices are used to access the account. In such cases, Facebook may invalidate access token before it officially expires. References from Facebook forums where users discussed such behavior:

          This is expected behaviour deriving from Facebook’s security measures. Databox is not able to assist in such scenarios, but here are some steps that can be taken:

          • Ensure that all devices and browsers used to access the given Facebook account are marked as trustworthy within the login procedure. This involves going into the account settings, specifically the Security and Login section on Facebook, and reviewing the list of recognised devices and browsers. Any unrecognized or suspicious devices should be removed or flagged. Enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security, which will help prevent any unauthorized access.
          • Consider creating separate Facebook accounts for each geolocation, particularly if logins are made from users in distant locations. This can help mitigate issues arising from Facebook’s geolocation-based restrictions.
          • Contact Facebook Support to discuss your specific use case. Facebook may be able to provide tailored recommendations or suggest better practices for the situation.

          Steps you can take within Databox if your Facebook Data Source gets disconnected with the error message ‘We cannot make Facebook API calls on your behalf, since you’ve changed password or Facebook has revoked permissions for security reasons. Please re-authorise your Facebook account.’:

          • Try having another Facebook user (not the one that originally connected the Data Source) re-connect the Data Source in Databox.
          • If you do not mind losing historical data for the Facebook Data Source, create a brand new connection with the Facebook Data Source in Databox rather than re-connecting the existing connection. Keep in mind that with this step you will lose all historical data for the Data Source.

          These steps might be effective in some cases.

        • Facebook Pages – cannot connect or reconnect the Data Source due to incorrect permissions in Facebook

          Connecting Facebook Pages account in Databox requires that the Facebook user has proper permissions in Facebook. The most optimal role the Facebook user can have when connecting a Facebook Page account in Databox is an Admin or Editor Page Role. With these roles, there should not be any permissions issues.

          If the Facebook user has other specific roles on Facebook Pages, then their Admin on the Facebook Pages account should give them all the relevant permissions, otherwise connectivity issues will occur.
          For example, if an Admin assigns the user a role without access to the ‘Insights’, the user will not have the required permissions and they will not be able to connect the Data Source.

          You can visit the Page Roles section here to learn about your role, access, and how to edit it.

        • Missing data for all Basic Metrics

          If no data appears in Databox for Facebook Pages Basic metrics, there might be an issue with permissions in Facebook. In the process of connecting a Facebook account, the Databox app asks for specific permissions to be granted to the app. Once connected, a new integration will be displayed on the Business Integrations page, in ‘Databox for Pages’. In the ‘View and edit’ section of ‘Databox for Pages’ permissions that were initially granted for the app (‘Read content posted on the Page’, ‘Read user content on your Page’, etc.) can be modified.

          If the access to the requested permissions is removed, Databox integration will not be able to pull the data for some or all metrics into the Databox app. It is imperative that the permissions in ‘Databox for Pages’ are granted for the connected Facebook Page account.

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