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Google Ads is an online advertising platform that enables businesses to create and display targeted ads on Google search results pages and partnered websites. It helps to maximize visibility, reach target audiences, and drive website traffic or conversions through various ad formats and bidding strategies.

Get the most out of your marketing at the right time, in the right place.

Google Ads is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and throughout its advertising network.

Databox will give you the power to combine data from multiple sources into a single report, to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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        • Potential data discrepancy issue for Google Ads Basic/Custom Metrics between Databox and Google Ads User Interface

          Google is updating the data in the Google Ads User Interface and the data available via the API during certain times of the day. This means that the values Databox is showing are entirely dependent on when Google updates its data. Because of this, if the data is being checked in Google Ads User Interface at one time and Databox syncs the data at another time, discrepancies might be present if Google updated the data in the meantime.

          If the values for past dates are changing every day in Databox, it means that Google is still processing the given data on their end. Data discrepancy should not be present for a long time, as Databox regularly updates historical data for Google Ads integration (up to 90 days). As soon as Google updates its data on their side, with the next scheduled sync in Databox system, the data should update in Databox as well, and the values in Databox and in Google Ads User Interface should match at that point.

        • Potential data discrepancies with multiple Google Ads Metrics (Basic or Custom) due to Local Services Campaign

          In Google Ads, Local Services Campaigns are system generated campaigns and part of the Google Local Service platform, which differs from Google Ads, but often shares the same CID (Customer ID). In cases where CID is being shared, the campaign in question will be retrieved via Google API and potentially cause data discrepancies in Databox for Google Ads metrics. Discrepancy issues can be resolved by using the following filter in the Metric Builder for Google Ads when creating Custom metrics: Campaign Advertising Channel Type > Does not include > Local Services.

        • Missing data for Google Ads Dimensional Metrics

          Databox is fetching data for dimensions that contain at least some data (e.g. value 1). Dimensions with the value ‘0’ are excluded and will not be seen in Databox.

        • Dimensional Metrics have an ID appended to the dimension text

          When there are multiple campaigns, ad groups, keywords (or other similar entities) with the same name available in the Google Ads Data Source, Databox distinguish these entities by appending the ID of the entity between parenthesis next to the original name – e.g. Campaign Name (Campaign_ID). The ID is only appended if more than one entity with the same dimension value is available in the Data Source. If all of them are unique, then the ID will not be appended to the dimension text.

        • Google Ads error ‘Customer not enabled’ in Databox

          The error message ‘Customer not enabled’ indicates that the given Google Ads account can not be accessed via Google Ads API because the account is not yet enabled or has been deactivated. Learn more about this here. The Google Ads account needs to be active in order for it to be connected in Databox.

        • Google Ads Connectivity issue

          In order to connect Google Ads Account to Databox properly, the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has to be enabled in the Google Ads Account. Learn more about this here.

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