The Ultimate SaaS KPI Dashboard

From LTV to churn, avoid data surprises.

Running your business means knowing your metrics.

Especially in a SaaS company. At Databox, we know that driving a subscription-based business requires keeping a watchful eye on your KPIs. But when you’re swimming in data, it’s easy to miss sudden changes or emerging trends. That can mean unpleasant surprises - or worse, missed opportunities.

That’s why Databox helps SaaS managers pay attention to the metrics that matter, when they matter most. Databox isn’t another business intelligence tool. It’s not another dashboard. And it’s definitely not intended to produce “more data.” Databox is designed to focus your attention on the right metric, regardless of where it’s sourced, at the right time.

With Databox, marketing and product managers at SaaS businesses can:

Stop sifting through multiple emails, spreadsheets and web dashboards to get the information they need.Databox gives you one place to go to get the information you need from marketing automation software, CRM platforms, web analytics services and conversion rate optimization tools.

Know when something changes.Want to know when trial conversion dips or retention rate is down without having to wade through spreadsheets, dashboards, and emails? Databox alerts highlight the right information at the right time, helping you avoid getting caught off guard.

Keep your most important metrics at your fingertips at all times.Databox scorecards deliver a daily snapshot of your most important KPIs -- from new users to MRR to retention rates. Scorecards are delivered through a mobile push notification daily, at whatever time you specify.

All your KPIs in one place.

Salesforce integration Google Analytics integration Mixpanel integration

Databox hooks directly into popular tools like Salesforce, Google Analytics, MixPanel and more. We’re constantly adding new data sources, but if you don’t see what you need you can let us know or use our API to write your own connection.

Find out how Databox can help make sure you never miss an opportunity to optimize.

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