Free SaaS MRR Dashboard Examples and Templates

These SaaS MRR dashboards come pre-built with some of the most commonly tracked SaaS metrics from the most popular tools. You can also customize your templates later. To get started, just choose a template, connect your data, and your metric visualizations will populate automatically.

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Track some of the most common SaaS MRR metrics and KPIs and analyze your SaaS MRR performance with just a few clicks.

  • ProfitWell
  • Stripe
  • Help Scout Mailbox
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • HubSpot Marketing
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You can build a dashboard with any data using Zapier, Integromat, Google Sheets, or a SQL database.
Stripe dashboard template provides you with insights about customer, payments, mrr, churn and more.
The Stripe MRR + Churn dashboard template helps you monitor your churn rate and track the growth of MRR. It ensures you are retaining customers as you acquire new ones.
The SaaS dashboard template uses Google Analytics, Stripe and HubSpot to calculate the common metrics that determine the health of a SaaS business.
Google Universal Analytics HubSpot Marketing Stripe
This dashboard tracks all the incoming sources of revenue for your SaaS business, as well as different churn metrics.
This dashboard allows you to track the top sources of churn for your SaaS business.
The Customer Success dashboard template uses HelpScout and Stripe to track customer service levels versus churn rates.
Stripe Help Scout Mailbox
This dashboard allows you to track revenue from individual plans offered by your SaaS business.

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No design or coding skills necessary.

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What is a SaaS MRR Dashboard?

A SaaS MRR dashboard provides a real time snapshot of your monthly recurring revenue figures. With this dashboard, you’ll be able to visually monitor and report on revenue from your subscription plans, compare MRR

to monthly sign up rate, identify your top SaaS growth levels, make more accurate cash flow and financial health forecasts, and improve your strategy to retain customers.

What Should Be Included in a SaaS MRR Dashboard?

Your SaaS MRR dashboard should highlight only actionable, well-defined and relevant metrics that will give you a full picture of your business’s financial performance and cash flow. 

Avoid the temptation to fill your SaaS MRR dashboard with metrics that do not matter, with the right metrics in your dashboard, you’ll be able to plan for growth in the short term and long term and budget accordingly.

The most important SaaS MRR metrics you should be tracking are:

  • Growth rate
  • Net profit
  • Gross profit
  • Income
  • MRR
  • New customers

How to Create a SaaS MRR Dashboard

Using Databox’s Dashboard Designer, building a dashboard is as simple as connecting a data source, choosing the metrics you need from our Metrics Library, and watching your visualizations populate in seconds. No coding and design skills are required.

Create a new dashboard using our Designer tool
Create a new dashboard using our Designer tool
Name your dashboard
Name your dashboard
Select a data source
Select a data source
Drag-and-drop pre-built metrics from that source to your dashboard or drag a blank visualization first and select the metric you’d like to associate with it.
Drag-and-drop pre-built metrics from that source to your dashboard
Customize each metric block by date range, comparisons, goals, and more.
Customize each metric block